10 Funny Animal Facts You’ll Want To Share

10 Funny Animal Facts You'll Want To Share

Almost 7.7 billion species of animals are present, and all have different traits and practices. Even though the biodiversity of the earth is known to almost everyone, still many do not know about the funny animal facts, which make them unique and at the same time famous.

Fingerprints Of Koalas Are Quite Similar To That Of Human’s

Indeed, Koala’s do not have anything common like human beings, but if you look closely, then you will notice that their hands look similar to that of humans. This is one of the most unique funny animal facts. In fact, their fingerprints look similar too. In Australia, sometimes, the cops fear that the criminal investigations had been contaminated by koalas.

10 Funny Animal Facts You'll Want To Share
10 Funny Animal Facts You’ll Want To Share

Parrots Are Well Known For Helping Each Other Out – Funny Animal Facts

Yes, when you think of parrots the first thing that comes to your mind is pirates, but it has been found that African grey parrots are different and not at all greedy. Researchers have found that they are selfless birds, and even help each other for finding out foods and even motivate for helping each other. So, now you can understand that this is one of the funny animal facts about parrots.

Prairie Dogs Can Kiss Each Other

Animals can be quirky and adorable at the same time. Yes, prairie dogs are huge rodents, and they can dig massive underground homes. Apart from that, with their huge front teeth, they touch each other teeth, and this is their way of kissing or smooching. Scientists are of the view that they kiss each other when they are being watched.

Ghost Crabs Have Teeth In Their Stomach And They Growl Using Them

Crabs have the intimidating ability, and they use their claws for this. But, even after this, if they find it not enough, then the ghost crabs do growl like dogs at enemies. Unlike dogs, they growl and make fearsome noise with their teeth present inside their stomach. So, now you can understand that the ghost cabs can be quite interesting and funny at the same time.

10 Funny Animal Facts You'll Want To Share
10 Funny Animal Facts You’ll Want To Share

Mantis Shrimp Have The Quickest Punch In The World

If you think that the boxers are the only ones who have stunning jabs and uppercuts, then think again. Well, animals are the ones who come first in this field since mantis shrimp are the ones who have the fastest punch. Yes, the speed of mantis shrimp’s punch can travel up to 50 mph, so it can be said that they have a small fist of fury.

Female Lions Mostly Involve In Hunting – Funny Animal Facts

Male lions are responsible for attracting towards themselves due to their glossy and thick mane, but it’s the female lions who are responsible for hunting. Yes, lionesses are responsible for feeding their families, and males are responsible for protecting their pride. So, it is clear that females have more strength, and are hardworking than men.

Puffins Take Help Of Twigs For Scratching Bodies

Puffins are undoubtedly beautiful, and their matter of pride lies in their magnificent beaks. But, they are quite clever as well. As per a study made by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the Atlantic puffins use small wooden twigs for scratching their bodies. They randomly search for small twigs to scratch on their belly.

Bottlenose Dolphins Are Right-Handed Compared To Humans

Human beings are mostly right-handed, but a small percentage of them are left-handed, and the same thing goes for the bottlenose dolphins. It was being found by Florida’s Dolphin Communication Project that, when feeding the dolphins, they were mostly turning to their left side.

10 Funny Animal Facts You'll Want To Share
10 Funny Animal Facts You’ll Want To Share

Painting Cows Like Zebra Helps To Keep Flies Away – Funny Animal Facts

Pesky flies are one of the biggest problems for the cows as they annoy a great deal. But, the farmers can now remove the problem of pesky flies by painting their cows with zebra stripes. The stripes create a motion camouflage, which confuses the flies. Due to the optical illusion created by the stripes, the flies stay away.

Capuchin Monkeys Use Their Urine For Washing Their Hands And Feet

One cannot deny the fact that monkeys are adorable, but at the same time, they can be extremely gross. Capuchin monkeys use their urine for washing their hands as well as feet when they feel randy.

Hence, these are some of the fun facts about the animals that will no doubt change your views regarding them.

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