10 Surprisingly Great Snail Facts

10 Surprisingly Fast Facts About Snails

Snails are the smallest creature known for its speed that they lack, we know the snail facts that they are not among the fastest animal around the globe. But there are various facts which add snails in the amazing category. One of them is some species of Snail can grow up to a foot and a half long. Here we have gathered 16 interesting facts about these creatures: 

1. First Snail Facts Is Similar To Slugs

Snails and slugs look alike. They are similar to slugs; the only difference between two is that the shell. 

2. Another Snail Facts is Shell Less Slugs

Some slug species have internal shell plates which are hidden inside their bodies. Smaller shells help these species to move fast, leads to an advantage for chasing down prey. 

10 Surprisingly Fast Facts About Snails
10 Surprisingly Fast Facts About Snails

3. Relation With Shellfish Is Snail Facts 

Slugs and snails are a type of mollusks. They are of same categories like oysters, and mussels. Gastropods are a type of Snail and slug family that is among the largest group of mollusks, covers around 80 percent of mollusk population. They have diversity in terms of type, habitat, and behaviors. 


The gastropods have around more than 150,000 species, and they are available in almost all habitats, they shelter themselves from deep ocean trenches to deserts.

5. Medical 

Researchers have developed an adhesive that is made for use in curing heart defects, and it is able to stick to jagged surfaces where mostly all glues leak. Presently it has only been tested on a pig. 

6. The Mucus Of Snail. 

Many research studies show that snail mucus is useful for skin; it helps in wounds heal, a possible cause is it triggers an immune response to regenerate skin cells. 

7. Aquatic Snails With Lungs 

Some freshwater snails breathe with lungs, floating on their surface when they need to breathe, they don’t use gills for breathing underwater. Some snails have lungs as well as gills. The apple snail has a siphon; it is a type of breathing tube that helps them to breathe and allows them to stretch up to the water’s surface without exposing them to predators

10 Surprisingly Fast Facts About Snails
10 Surprisingly Fast Facts About Snails

8. A Snail Can Take Down Starfish

 Charoniatritonis is a giant creature. This species is aggressive in nature with a good sense of smell. They eat Starfish by attacking and paralyzing them with its venomous saliva. 

9. Used As Musical Instruments

Conches are one of the large sea snails. Shell trumpets are used as musical instruments. They play a major role in the mythology of Greece, India, and Hawaii. It believed that the sea god Triton uses the conch-shell trumpet to calm the waves. 

10. Dine Together

Some snails eat together with other snails from the same food; even they have other food readily available. 

These are some amazing snail facts which make it different from other species. This small creature ability cannot be underestimated. They live in a family, and dine out together, show there love towards each other. It is available in various sizes. You can get amazed by seeing them near the sea.

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