100 Weird But True Facts That Will Shock You

100 Weird But True Facts That Will Shock You

There are a lot of things that happen within us or in the world around us. We remain unaware of these facts almost all our lives. Most of them are weird facts but true. In fact, once you get to know about these facts you will be left shocked. But the weirdest fact is that we live our entire life surrounded by these strange things happening every moment. Let’s look at some of these fascinating facts about everything within and around us.

20 Shocking Things About The Human Body – Weird Facts But True

  1. The human heart beats about 100,000 times a day.
  2. There are 2.5 million sweat pores all over the body.
  3. The highest level of blood flow does not happen in the heart or the brain but the kidneys.
  4. If we lay out all the blood vessels in the body, they would completely circle the globe.
  5. A human being measures slightly taller in the morning than the night because of the compression of the cartilage bones throughout the day.   
  6. The human body has more than six hundred muscles in different parts.
  7. The skin has nearly 1000 species of bacteria living on it.
  8. Taste buds are not only located in your tongue. There are thousands of taste buds in a human being spread around the throat, nose, and esophagus.
  9. We blink our eyes about 10 million times a year.
  10. The surface of our skin gets renewed each month. This means that we live with different skins throughout our life.
  11. Our body sheds 30,000 dead skin cells per minute.
  12. If we calculate the total amount of skin we shed throughout our lives, it may even weigh up to more than 20 kilograms.
  13. Each human tongue has a different print or pattern just like our unique fingerprints.
  14. Our gut contains enough acid even to melt razorblades.
  15. Human beings share 98% of the DNA with chimpanzees.
  16. Each part of the body feels pain except our brain, even though it sends pain signals.
  17. The body radiates enough heat in half an hour to boil a gallon of water.
  18. Women smell better than men, and the nose remembers close to about 50,000 different scents.
  19. You tend to hear less whenever you overeat.
  20. The eyes produce tears to fill a teaspoon each hour.
100 Weird But True Facts That Will Shock You
100 Weird But True Facts That Will Shock You

20 Strangest Facts About The Animal Kingdom

  1. Chimpanzees are the most intelligent primates after humans and can gauge our language if they closely follow.
  2. Chimps talk to each other using sign language, gestures, and facial expressions.
  3. Tiger stripes are not just present on the fur but also on the skin.
  4. Each tiger and each zebra has a unique pattern of stripes.
  5. A jaguar is the strongest predator and kills off a crocodile even just by biting off its head.
  6. A horse is the only animal that can sleep both while standing and lying down.
  7. Cows can walk up a flight of stairs but not climb down because their knees do not bend that way.
  8. A baby elephant learns to walk in an hour after its birth.
  9. A panda spends more than half of its day eating kilos of bamboo shoots.
  10. A baby dolphin sticks to its mother and may even take rides on her back.
  11. Male kangaroos show off their biceps to females to have better chances of mating.
  12. Koalas can sleep 18 to 20 hours a day, hugging a tree.
  13. Even though giraffes have a tall neck, it is too short to reach the ground.
  14. A lion has the fiercest roar, and you can hear it up to a radius of eight kilometres.
  15. Bears can be very smart and roll rocks into a bear trap to fool humans and happily eat the bait.
  16. Most dogs do not have any idea about their size and believe they are a baby even when they are fully grown.
  17. 70% of a cat’s life is spent sleeping.
  18. Leopards are the most difficult animals to trace in the forest as they are incredibly secretive.
  19. The spit of a llama can reach a distance of 15 feet.
  20. A wolf is the most loyal lover and stays with its mate till death does them apart.
100 Weird But True Facts That Will Shock You
100 Weird But True Facts That Will Shock You

20 Wonderful Facts About Birds Around Us

  1. You may not believe this, but ostriches are the closest relatives of T-Rex in the modern world.
  2. Ravens and crows are the most intelligent birds on earth.
  3. Pigeons can remember routes and human faces for years. They can find their way back home even if they go hundreds of miles away.
  4. The weight of a hummingbird is even less than a penny.
  5. A falcon moves faster than a racing car.
  6. Even though owls can turn their heads completely, their eyeballs do not move.
  7. A hummingbird is the only species that can even fly backward.
  8. When ducks sleep in groups, those on the periphery keep one eye and a part of their brain awake to remain alert about attacks.
  9. Pigeons were used in ancient Greece to deliver the Olympic Games’ outcome, and in World War II, they sent selective messages.
  10. A parrot learns to mimic the human voice and can memorize hundreds of words.
  11. Woodpeckers store acorns safely by drilling holes into tree trunks and keeping their food safe.
  12. Budgies are the only birds that catch each other’s yawns like humans.
  13. Male birds are more attractive and colorful, and they use their glamour to attract their female partners.
  14. Female birds choose their mates based on how attractive they look.
  15. Mockingbirds can imitate all sounds they hear.
  16. A flamingo eats with its head upside down.
  17. An albatross can sleep while flying at a speed of 25 miles per hour.
  18. A woodpecker pecks tremendously fast and can even do it twenty times in one second.
  19. Birds such as starlings sing so high that human ears cannot hear those sounds.
  20. Flamingos stay with their mates for a lifetime and never leave them until they die.

20 Most Amazing Things About Nature – Weird Facts But True

  1. The willow tree provided the world’s first painkiller.
  2. Eating bananas can make people feel happier.
  3. Half the oxygen supply in the world comes from the rain forest in Amazon.
  4. One tree can supply as much wood to make 170,000 pencils.
  5. An apple can float on water as 25% of its composition contains air.
  6. Onions contain sulfuric acid, which makes you cry when you cut them.
  7. Indeed, the Elephant grass in Africa is tall enough to hide elephants.
  8. Tulips were as precious as gold in Holland back in the 17th century.
  9. The African baobab tree stores thousands of litres of water in its trunk.
  10. The broccoli is a flower rather than a vegetable.
  11. A tulip bulb produces the same effect and taste in a dish as an onion.
  12. Roses have famous fruit relatives like apples, cherries, and raspberries.
  13. The footprints on the moon left by Apollo astronauts will remain intact for millions of years.
  14. Astronauts can measure a few inches taller when they are in outer space.
  15. The universe sends about six million pounds of space dust on earth in a year.
  16. The brightest stars have the shortest lives.
  17. The earth once had four types of human species. Homo sapiens are the only existing species of humans left on earth.
  18. Acacia trees can warn each other of danger and produce more tannin when antelopes try to eat their leaves.
  19. Most giraffes are homosexual than heterosexual.
  20. If you shoot an armadillo, the bullet will bounce back and hit the shooter as they have a bulletproof body. 

20 Incredible Facts About Countries And Cities Across The World

  1. Bhutan is the only country that measures Gross National Happiness.
  2. The island of Niue uses currency with Pokemon, Star Wars, and Disney characters.
  3. The country of Bhutan has phallic symbols drawn colorfully on walls and buildings.
  4. Kiribati, located in the Pacific Ocean, touches all four hemispheres.
  5. There was once a post office located under the sea in the Bahamas.
  6. Ethiopia lives seven years behind the rest of the world and uses a different calendar.
  7. Denmark allows its citizens to select names of babies from a government-approved list.
  8. Post-mortem matrimony is legal in France.
  9. There are thousands of small and big islands comprising Indonesia’s island nation, and nobody has got an exact count.
  10. A village called Kodinhi in Kerela in India is known as the Twin Village due to a strikingly high number of twin births.
  11. The beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has witnessed close to 3,000 suicides.
  12. The city of Zagreb has the Museum of Broken Relationships containing tokens of love.
  13. Amsterdam has got more bicycles than the human population.
  14. Mexico City is built on a soft lake bed and is sinking each year slowly.
  15. The local trains in the city of Mumbai in India carry more passengers each day than the entire population of Finland.
  16. Almost half of the soccer balls used in matches all over the world are produced in Pakistan.
  17. The Netherlands is a country that does not have enough prisoners to fill up its prisons.
  18. Rome has a unique museum called the National Museum of Pasta.
  19. Japan hires ‘transit pushers’ to push commuters into public transports during the rush hour.
  20. People in the UK celebrating their 100th birthday or their 60th wedding anniversary get a personalized card with wishes from the Queen.
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