101 Cool Animal Facts – Discover What Really Makes Animals So Interesting

Cool Animal Facts

101 Cool Animal Facts is a great place to find the latest facts about animals. Many of the facts in this book were made by scientists, not only about animals but about humans as well. The authors of the book have done an excellent job of bringing the latest scientific discoveries to light.

Scientists find new life every day on this planet through scientific research. And, they have found close to fourteen million different species of animals around the world. These facts include information on what they do for a living.

Noting The Action Of Animals

A bird that is standing in the sand

One of the most important sections in 101 Cool Animal Facts their sections on why animals do some things. Many people don’t know that animals have a reason for doing certain things. Some animals have a natural instinct that helps them stay healthy. Others have developed certain behaviours that help them get food or even mate. The authors of the book give examples of all of these behaviours so that you can learn about these amazing creatures in your own backyard.

Animals also have a need for shelter, warmth and safety. These are not always easy to come by in the wild so they have developed several ways to get around. Some animals have adapted by being able to jump, climb, crawl and walk through tunnels.

Some animals need to get out of the water frequently for many reasons. This includes fish who swim to get to food, amphibians who can breathe underwater and even reptiles like snakes who can easily get stuck in the mud.

All of these animals may have several parts that make them unique. Some animals can have multiple organs, while others only have one. There are also animals that don’t have any part at all in their body, just a head, and those are known as amorphous animals.

Why Do Dogs Want Space ?

A close up of a chicken

Another section of 101 Cool Animal facts discusses why some animals like dogs need certain amounts of space to be happy and thrive. Dogs need a lot of space to roam around and play. Other animals like bears have to have a safe place where they can hide to keep themselves warm. It’s important that these animals feel safe in their home surroundings.

And, of course, you’ll also learn about the animals that need to drink. through this book. In this section you will learn what they drink, why they drink it and when they need to drink it.

Importance Of Drinking Water

Drinking is important because it gives them energy, but it also helps to keep them hydrated, so that they won’t become dehydrated and become unconscious. This is why they can sleep on land or in the water, but still need to drink water to stay awake.

The other topics covered in the 101 Cool Animal facts are a few that relate to human medicine. Like humans, there are several different types of diseases that animals may have that can cause us some problems.

You might also find that you’re learning more about some other animals than you first realized through the pages in this book. For example, one of the cool animal facts in this book discusses the different types of allergies that are common among certain species of birds.


It’s amazing what people like you have accomplished with this book. Learn some of the cool facts about animals and maybe you can use the knowledge to help your pet dog or cat.

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