12 Facts About Taco Bell You Probably Didn’t Know

12 Facts About Taco Bell You Probably Didn't Know

Taco Bell serves over 6 billion consumers every year at 6, 407 locations, and is considered a leader in the industry for fast food. Since its very inception in the year 1962, this restaurant chain has stood out from the others in the same category. Whether it is introducing its exclusive publicity stunt or serving tacos in place of cheeseburgers, the retro has always stood out. Go through a few essential facts about Taco Bell below:

12 Facts About Taco Bell You Probably Didn't Know
12 Facts About Taco Bell You Probably Didn’t Know

Facts About Taco Bell: Tacos Were Not On Offer Initially

Before launching Taco Bell, Glen Bell, the founder, came up with a fast-food restaurant called Taco Tia. The joint offered hot dogs, tacos, milkshakes, and hamburgers.

Facts About Taco Bell: Everything Was Available At Just $0.19

During its early years, Taco Bell offered everything on its menu at just $0.19. It included tostadas, frijoles, burritos, and tacos.

Chiliburgers Were Offered Originally

The original menu of this joint featured chiliburgers, burritos, and tacos. But chiliburgers were taken off its list eventually.

Taco Bell’s First Location Spoke Of Mariachi Bands And Fire Pits

The very first Taco on the card was an exterior hangout without indoor seating. It had a walk-up window and fire pits for people to sit around.

Facts About Taco Bell – Pepsico Owned It

Taco Bell was acquired by PepsiCo in 1978, along with other food chains like Pizza Hut and KFC.

First Food Joint To Have Female Managers

Taco Bell was the very first food joint to hire the services of women for operating its stores.

Chihuahua Gidget From Taco Bell Starred In Legally Blonde 2

The Taco Bell famous pooch Chihuahua Gidget was used in several advertisement campaigns and commercials. It even found its place in Legally Blonde 2.

Gidget Had A Life Of A Star

Gidget, a movie star, celebrity, and diva, had a life filled with luxuries.

You Will Find 88% Beef In The Beef Served At Taco Bell

Post accusations of serving only 35% beef, Taco Bell retorted and was found to serve 88% beef along with a 12% secret recipe.

Facts Of Taco Bell -Popular Marketing Ploy

Taco Bell once announced its purchase of the Liberty Bell, which was nothing but a publicity stunt.

Creedence Clearwater Revival Was A Visitor At Taco Bell

Not only Creedence Clearwater Revival, but other bands like Macaulay Culkin were spotted at Taco Bell.

12 Facts About Taco Bell You Probably Didn't Know
12 Facts About Taco Bell You Probably Didn’t Know

Dion Rayford Got Stuck In The Drive-Through Window At Taco Bell

Rayford got so very angry with the Bell servers that he literally tried crawling thro8gh the drive-through window at the joint and got stuck there.

Free Tacos On Offer For Space Stations Crashing On Target

When the Mir Space Station of Russia deorbited in 2001, Taco Bell came up with a so-called floating target. The restaurant promised to serve every American with one free Taco if the space stations landed on target.

You might be unaware of these facts about Taco Bell, but they are worth knowing, especially when it comes to an understanding of the first-ever US chain to serve Tacos in place of cheeseburgers.

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