13 Utterly Useless Random Facts That Can Be Extremely Entertaining

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How many times have you sat at a dinner table, with family or friends, and had no clue as to what to talk about! Well, dinner time is for eating, but a completely silent dinner table can be quite awkward. Same goes for parties. And, right at these moments, you can just drop in one of these random useless facts that will get people around you talking! Believe it or not, even though knowing these things will most certainly not be of any use, these can be great ice breakers! 

Useless Random Facts You Should Keep Handy

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Of course, we should not cram our brain with useless information. But, when that small bit of knowledge can be fun to know, then, why not! 

#1 Carrots Were Purple

Believe it or not, the carrots you see today are the mutated versions. The mutation began at around 1800. 

#2 Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold Water

Next time you need some quick ice you can always use this trick. Though with the advanced cooling machines we will probably never really use this. 

#3 Coca Cola Turned Santa Red And White

Coca Cola turned the perception that Santa Clause is red and white. Before the brand started advertising, Santa was in green and white. 

#4 The Guinness Book Of Records Is The Most Stolen Library Book

It seems the Guinness Book of Records has a record of its own – the most stolen book from library! 

#5 Elephants Can Crush Mosquitoes With Skinfolds 

Who would have known that one of the largest animals on ground has such a brilliant trick up its ‘skin’! I can’t imagine of a better use of those wrinkles. 

#6 Chicken Population Is Twice That Of Human Population

Just pray that chickens don’t revolt against their farming for food! 

#7 Brain Messages Travel At 200MPH

Now you know why you can take such instant decisions! The message in your brains can indeed travel at lightning speed! 

#8 Giraffes Can Clean Its Ears With Tongue

Feel disgusted or awed, giraffes can indeed clean its ears with their tongues. 

#9 Cows Can Go Upstairs But Not Down

It’s probably because of their large body, but let’s just keep it to your knowledge and not test this. 

#10 Cats’ Jaws Only Move Up And Down

Don’t torment your little feline pet to check this. It’s true. Cats cannot more their jaws in any other directions other than up and down. 

#11 The Electric Chair Was Built By A Dentist

Now, we don’t know what was the inspiration behind it. But, a dentist surely can be quite scary! 

#12 Your Feet Has 25% Of Your Body’s Bones

Next time you get a full body x-ray, or visit a biology lab, you can count the bones yourself. 

#13 Fear Of Beards Is Pogonophobia 

Yes, there is such a thing called the fear of beards. And, it also has a name! 

So, which of these facts really blew your mind? Certainly you will hardly ever need the use of one of these facts. But, what’s the harm in knowing? And, you can impress your friends and colleagues in a party as well. These may just spark an interesting discussion! 

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