17 Amazing Fun Facts About Rainbow

17 Amazing Fun Facts About Rainbow

Rainbow looks beautiful after heavy rain and maybe also brings some comfort. But do you know just like everything else, it also got some histories? Some say rainbow brings good fortune, some say they are rare but complete the sky. No matter what your opinion is on a rainbow when you see one, you must stop on your track and enjoy the beauty of nature. Just like shooting stars and Northern lights, rainbows are awesome but how much do you know about them? Let’s check out some fun facts about the rainbow and test your knowledge.

17 Amazing Fun Facts About Rainbow
17 Amazing Fun Facts About Rainbow

Random Facts About Rainbow

  1. The word came from Latin arcus pluvius which means “rainy arch.”
  2. In Roman and Greek times, they used to believe that rainbow is a rainbow God Iris’s creation that links us to the immortals.
  3. The Greek word iris means any colored cycle that you can spot on the eye or on the tail of a peacock.
  4. Rainbow is a popular subject in myths and so many religious cultures but people had no idea what they actually are until the 17th century.
  5. Greek Poet Homer used to believe that a rainbow is based on only one color (purple).
  6. Later, Greek philosopher Xenophanes decided that rainbow contains two more colors (purple, yellow-green, and red)
  7. Aristotle supported Xenophanes saying rainbow has three colors only.
  8. During the Renaissance, they decided it has four colors, red, blue, green, and yellow.
  9. Lately, they agreed it has five colors, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
  10. René Descartes discovered in 1637 that rainbow is a reflection of sunlight on clouds and they come as different colors.
  11. Now Isaac Newton finally in 1666 decided that it has 7 colors. He then later added indigo and orange to the list of 7 colors. And we all now know that it has 7 colors. However, in China, people believe that a rainbow has just 5 colors.
  12. Here is a truth, it has no set of numbers. Each hue actually bends into the next one without any limitation so it is depending on your how many colors you see it. So if you see 30 colors, that’s not impossible.
  13. Will you believe me if I say rainbow doesn’t actually exist? Rainbow isn’t an object and rather an optical phenomenon. That’s why different people see it in different colors.
  14. The Telegraph explained that when the sun is behind you, it passes its light through the raindrops in front of you and they reflect and bounce back to you. Each raindrop acts as refraction and reflection.
  15. When you see a double rainbow, that means the light is bouncing inside the water droplet for twice or more than that. And when it escapes, the spectrum of the second arch becomes noticeable. Similarly, sometimes third or fourth rainbow appears.
  16. During the rainbow is visible in the sky, the sky is actually darker because the light reflects in raindrops and does not catch your eyes.
  17. You can find rainbows in mist, fog, sea spray, waterfalls, or wherever when light meets water (of course in the sky).
17 Amazing Fun Facts About Rainbow
17 Amazing Fun Facts About Rainbow

Bonus Facts

You can find moonbows at night which looks white and somewhat unicorn types. Moreover, the longest time a rainbow appeared in the sky was in Sheffield, England on March 14, 1994. It lasted from 9 am to 3 pm.

Have you learned these awesome fun facts about the rainbow in the school? Thank me in the comment box later 😉

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