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18 Fun Facts About Schools Around The World

There are millions of schools in the world. Schools are different depending upon the religion, geographical location, country, culture, and language. However, the curriculum is common among all. But do you know anything extra apart from curriculum? There are several things beyond the pages of the books and the four walls of a classroom building. You might not know all of them. So we are here with some exciting facts about schools that you may not aware of. You may get a new perspective after reading those. So without any delay, let’s start.


18 Fun Facts About Schools Around The World
18 Fun Facts About Schools Around The World

There is a primary school in Phumachangtang, Tibet. It is considered as the highest school in the world because it is situated 5373 meters above the sky level. Additionally, its location is 200 meters above Mount Everest.


The oldest school in the world is the King’s School. It locates at Canterbury, England. The foundation year of the school is 597 AD. However, you can get all types of modern equipment and up-to-date study materials here.


Have you ever thought of a building with bottles? Surprisingly, there is a school in the Philippines, which is made up of recycled bottles. Twelve volunteers with the help of 9000 bottles build this school.


In terms of the number of students, Lucknow(India) based City Montessori School is the largest. The student strength is a whopping 32000. The school has more than 1000 classrooms and 3700 computers.


Contrary to the above, the smallest school was in Turin, Italy. In 2014, the school had one student and one teacher.


The children in Netherland join school when they turn 4. As a result, you can see a new face in almost every class.


Schools in France start at 8:30 AM and end at 4:30 PM, the longest school day. As a result, they can finish the syllabus much earlier. So they have the shortest school year from August to June.

 What if your mealtime is a part of your academics? A French school has such a type of system. Teachers teach different kinds of recipes and their origins.

South Korea

South Korean schools do not have sweepers. Students devote some time after lessons and clean the school premises.


In Finland, people believe that a child should start his/her schooling with a matured brain. So the age eligibility to start school in this country is 7, making it the oldest ages to start school.


People observe 1st September as “Knowledge Day.” Irrespective of a holiday or weekend, a student in Russia has to start his/her schooling on 1st September.

Facts About Schools: Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, there are more than 100 boat schools. Schools get electricity through solar power. They have library and internet access in boat schools.

Facts About Schools: Columbia:

Zip-line is fun, right! What if we say, students of a Colombian school go to school on a zip-line? Yes, you read it right.

Facts About Schools: Chile:

Everyone loves summer vacation. But usually, it’s duration is 1.5-2 months. But the period of summer holidays in Chile is from December to March.

Facts About Schools: Germany:

In Germany, you can see a feline shaped school. The school resembles a huge cat where you can see circular windows for eyes.

Kids love gifts. So during joining, students in Germany get Schultüte. It is a cone-shaped material full of pens, books, and pencils.

Facts About Schools: Japan:

Japanese people are very independent. So students go to school alone, prepare lunch for recess, and clean their classrooms.

Facts About Schools: Kenya:

18 Fun Facts About Schools Around The World
18 Fun Facts About Schools Around The World

You can directly join primary schools without going pre-primary or nursery in Kenya.

Facts About Schools: Conclusion:

In this context, we discussed a few mind-blowing facts about schools across the world.

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