Did You Know Facts Don’t Lie?

Knowing facts is one thing. Believing on the facts is a different thing. Some facts appear to be impossible. Did you know facts don’t lie? I thought you should know the following facts.

The Most Expensive Coffee Comes From Monkey Spit

Initially, the most expensive coffee came from the Poop of Weasel. Civet Coffee commonly called Kopi Luwak was the most expensive. The Weasels feed on the coffee. The chemical composition improves in the Weasel’s intestines. A pound of the coffee costs over $400.

Recently, this coffee has been replaced by the best category. World’s expensive coffee comes from spit out and chewed coffee by monkeys. Chewing of the coffee adds a vanilla-like flavor. The coffee cost over $600 per pound.

Did you know this fact? Now you know. You can get monkeys to chew coffee beans and make a fortune.

There Are Over 500,000 Pieces Of Space Junk Today

Did you know facts about space junk? Space junk is an object made by man in the space and does not serve its purpose. Astronomers estimate that there are over half a million pieces of space junk today. The space junk includes satellites, rockets fragments, and tools dropped by the scientist during the construction of International Space Station.

Do You Know How Satellites Are Powered?

Did You Know Facts Don't Lie?
Did You Know Facts Don’t Lie?

Thanks to the ultimate charger. The sun is the main source of power for satellites. Many Satellites use power stored in batteries. The batteries are self-recharging. A solar panel transforms the solar energy to electric power.

Fuel Cells power other satellites. The fuel cells convert chemical energy from the space to electrical energy. Only a few of the satellites are powered by nuclear energy.

11% Of Humans Are Left Handed

Left-handers are seen as odd one out in society. However, lefties make over 10% of the total population. This is a huge population. The society seems to have forgotten about them. Only a few items are manufactured to fit left-handed people. Ranging from gadgets to cooking tools, all these are designed to suit the right hands comfortably.

Eight Percent Of Humans Have An Extra Rib

Did you know 8% have an extra lib? I thought you should know. A cervical rib is an extra rib. It’s also called the “neck ribs.” Eight people out of one hundred have the rib. You could be among the 8%.

Lobsters Have A Colorless Blood

The blood of the water creature is colorless. However, when exposed to oxygen, it turns blue. Inside the body of the Lobster, the blood is colorless. Red Blood cells are responsible for blood pigmentation. The Lobsters do not have red blood cells.

Lightning Is Hotter Than the Sun

Did You Know Facts Don't Lie?
Did You Know Facts Don’t Lie?

Yes, a bolt of lightning can be hotter than the sun. It can reach up to 53,540 degrees Fahrenheit (30,000 Kelvins). The sun does not reach such high temperatures. Solar surface temperature is 10,340 degrees Fahrenheit (6,000 Kelvins). This explains why a lightning strike destroys massive properties in a single strike.

The US Department Of Defense Originally Developed Internet

Internet was known as ARPANET. Its abbreviation was Research Projects Agency Network. The technology brought computing to the front lines. The technology had built a system that linked defense contractors, government agencies, and universities around the country.

Now you know.

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