3 Weird Facts For Kids That Your Toddler Should Know

Weird Facts for Kids

The world is an incredible place where the list of facts and mysteries is never-ending. Surprisingly, these facts are jaw-dropping and often grab the attention of kids. As kids are one of the rarest creatures that are addicted to the weirdest facts of this universe. Many mysteries and facts are present in the world that claim rainbow also appears in the night.

Do you want to know about the weird facts about kids? If yes, then get ready to get astounded by the latest yet unbelievable facts of this world. Believe it or not, these facts will trigger curiosity in your toddler’s mind, and he/she will share them with the buddies.

Squirrels Are The Major Reason Behind The Power Cut In The United States

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Kids always fall in love with the squirrels, but sometimes this small creature dims the lights of the entire United States. Yes, the APPA (American Public Power Association) once said that frequent night outrages happen because of squirrels. Recently, APPA installed ‘’The Squirrel Index’’, which tracks squirrels’ activities near the electrical power systems.

The primary power outrages happening between October to November and May to June is because of squirrel attacks. These squirrels chew the electric cables and become the active conductors of electricity. Sometimes, due to chewing, the APPA ( American Public Power Association) bears the hefty charges of replacing the electrical cables.

Sunglasses Were Made For Judges In China For Hiding The Facial Features

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Today, kids and adult cannot start their mornings without wearing sunglasses and clicking selfies for social media platforms. Sunglasses are termed as the best protection for our eyes from harsh sun rays. The best part is you can match the sunglasses with your business suits and casual party shirts.

In the earlier 12th century, China started manufacturing sunglasses for judges from smoky quartz. Now the reason for developing sunglasses is hiding the facial expressions and emotions of the judges. In the 12th century, the judge’s facial expressions in the courtroom became the decisive part of the entire case. We know it’s unbelievable to trust this myth, but you have to believe this!

The Rarest Pink Dolphins Still Exist In Louisiana

The grey dolphins are often seen in the ocean water of North America. How many have you seen the pink dolphins? The ‘’Pinky’’ dolphin is very cute and adorable, and you’ll find her in the water of Louisiana. This rare dolphin was first noticed back in 2007 by a boat captain. Above all, the name ‘’Pinky’’ is derived from its light pink body color.

After 2007, Pinky was seen again in 2015 and 2018, but she was mating with someone. Fishermen claim that Pinky is often seen swimming with the baby dolphins. Now, no one knows who are the babies of the ‘’Pinky’’ Dolphin.

Final Thoughts

Which fact of this list amazed you the most? Well, if you also have some weird facts for kids, please share with us, and we’ll thank you later.

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