30 Happy Random Facts About Animals That Will Make You Smile

30 Happy Random Facts About Animals That Will Make You Smile

The animal kingdom is a world full of mystery and exciting facts. Over the years, researchers have found thousands of stunning facts about the nature and behavior of animals. However, there remain millions of facts unknown to human beings. Among the ones that we know, even random facts about animals will seem so interesting that they will make you smile. Let’s have a look at a few of these facts.

5 Wonderful Facts About Chimpanzees

  • Chimpanzees are very intelligent and can gauge human language. They also have their system of sign language and calls to communicate with one another.
  • Kyoto University has found out that chimpanzees understand the value of numbers 1 to 9 and can even identify them.
  • Chimpanzees can use tools in the forest to perform a lot of jobs. They can even use stones like early men to crack open nuts. There is proof that chimpanzees learn how to use tools from each other.
  • Chimpanzees show significant instances of social learning. A few years back in Zambia, a chimpanzee put a stalk of grass behind her ear as something she found fashionable. The rest of the group followed the trend soon. Thus, we can say that chimpanzees have a sense of following fashion trends too.
  • The nest of a chimpanzee is cleaner than a human’s bed. They build a new nest every day to prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.
30 Happy Random Facts About Animals That Will Make You Smile
30 Happy Random Facts About Animals That Will Make You Smile

5 Outstanding Facts About Dogs

  • Dogs can learn more than 1000 human words and follow commands. They recognize their names and small commands you make them acquainted with.
  • Dogs tend to become jealous when their human friends start loving their children or other dogs in front of them.
  • A greyhound can run faster than a cheetah if you make them compete in a long-distance race.
  • Stray dogs in Russia are specially trained and know how to ride the subway system. They can get down at the right stops for food.
  • Dogs can sense your feelings very well. They know when you are in fear, or when you are genuinely happy or upset.

5 Most Amazing Facts About Horses

  • Horses can sleep while standing on their feet. 
  • Baby horses start running very soon after they are born. 
  • They recognize their owners and are incredibly loyal to them all their lives. They never make a mistake in recognizing their owners. 
  • Some of the greatest warriors in history have won battles because of the superb horses in their cavalry. They are the only animals with such immense contribution in winning battles. 
  • We can estimate a horse’s age by looking at its teeth. 

5 Interesting Dolphin Trivia-Random Facts About Animals

  • Dolphins show excellent community feeling and nurse the sick and injured members of the pod. They even tend to old members.
  • These are the marine world’s friendliest creatures and often try to befriend and play with small fishes. They also bond well with humans.
  • Dolphins have swimming competitions among them and chase each other for miles.
  • They play games with each other to pass their time. Each dolphin pod or family has a game to play. They invent new games and even pass down old games to their young ones.
  • Dolphins often give names to each other in the signals and language they communicate in. They use whistles to call each other and recognize their names.
30 Happy Random Facts About Animals That Will Make You Smile
30 Happy Random Facts About Animals That Will Make You Smile

5 Things About Elephants -Random Facts About Animals

  1. Elephants show exceptional skills with their trunks. They can drink water or even break a peanut and blow out the shell with it. 
  2. Elephants spend one-third of their day eating and do not even digest half of what they eat. 
  3. They communicate with each other through vibrations, touch, and scent. They detect the vibrations through their bodies and bones. 
  4. A baby elephant can start standing within 20 minutes of birth and learn to walk in an hour. 
  5. An elephant has the best memory and never forgets anything. 

5 Most Amazing Facts About Pandas

  1. Pandas learn to climb trees and perform tricks to amuse themselves from 7 months of age. 
  2. Pandas do not have as large eyes as it seems. These are giant black circles surrounding their small eyes. 
  3. An adult panda can spend 14 hours of the day eating as much as 38 kilos of bamboo shoots. 
  4. Since a panda eats so much, it also poops near about 28 kilos of dung each day. 
  5. Panda cubs are born pink, furless, and as small as a pencil. They grow up to have the teddy bear-like shape and fur.

Indeed, the animal world has a lot of fun facts you would love to know and share.

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