4 Spider Monkey Facts You Should Not Ignore

Spider Monkey

Spider monkeys, also known as Spider Land Monkey-tailed Monkey, are species of monkey native to the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. In their native environments, these monkeys have a range that encompasses more than twenty separate countries. They are native to the central and south-eastern part of Asia, including China, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

important spider monkey facts for students
4 Spider Monkey Facts You Should Not Ignore

Spider monkeys belong to the genus Aetina, which is part of the family Atelidae, family Atelis. Like other areas, they are mostly found in jungles of central and south-eastern Asia, including China, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Their population has been increasing rapidly over recent decades due to migration into human habitats. They are now spread across most parts of Southeast Asia and parts of East Africa.

Spider Monkey Facts are a Great Source of Inspiration

Spider Monkey facts are a great source of inspiration for students who want to learn more about these fascinating primates. First and foremost, these monkeys are nocturnal, meaning that they tend to spend most of their time asleep during the day. They are nocturnal and do not feed when they awake and this allows them to survive in a more natural environment. In fact, they use their nighttime activities to hunt prey and establish territories. In the morning they will begin the process of feeding again.

Due to their secretive nature, spider monkeys usually live in groups, with about one hundred and fifty to six hundred individuals. This large number of social interactions means that these monkeys to form close relationships with each other, forming bonds that last a lifetime. Although these monkeys live in large numbers in the wild, they are not known to be aggressive towards humans.

Spider Monkey facts also show that these monkeys have unique characteristics that make them so interesting to study. These characteristics include their varied appearances, their unique body structure, their distinct vocal patterns and their distinct call. This unique appearance and call are what make this species unique from all other monkeys, and is the reason why they are often called the “Spider Monkey.”

Unlike most other monkeys, spider monkeys can actually climb trees. Because of this ability, they spend much of their time living on the top of trees. They also tend to travel very long distances between feeding areas, making them perfect travelers.

Spider Monkeys Tend to be Very Intelligent

Another of the many spider monkey facts is that spider monkeys tend to be very intelligent. They are able to recognize people as a form of food by touching them. They also learn how to manipulate their hands and feet in order to open the palm. These monkeys are also skilled at using tools, such as using sticks to pull up small branches.

One of the best spider monkey facts is that this group of monkeys is also known for its ability to mimic a variety of sounds. This ability has allowed them to pass as members of other primates. For instance, while in a group, they mimic the chirping of parrots and even talk to one another in an attempt to communicate. While this ability is rare in humans, it is common in these monkeys.

It is also important to note that the spider monkey has two sets of ears. Their primary hearing is located in the ear that is located near the back of the head. Their second set of ears is located near the side of the head, just above their eyes. Since they rely heavily on the use of sound to locate food, it is likely that their primary hearing is significantly stronger than that of other monkeys.

The Spider Monkey’s diet consists of fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, meat and insects. They are not vegetarians and eat meat occasionally. When in captivity, they prefer to eat cooked or boiled meat rather than raw meat. They also eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, and seeds, and nuts, depending on what they can find.


The Web-Weaver Monkey has no outwardly visible eyes, so the scientists do not know if it has eyelids. Scientists believe that these monkeys have eyelids that are used only during certain times of the day. Such as during the night. The eyes are not visible from the ground, although the monkeys are believed to blink their eyes as they move about their environment.

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4 Spider Monkey Facts You Should Not Ignore

As previously mentioned, this species of monkey is believed to be the smallest member of its group. When it is not active, this monkey may only weigh fifty pounds. This is the same weight as a medium-sized human.

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