40 Cool Animal Facts To Surprise You Immensely

Cool Animal Facts

Looking for cool animal facts? Isn’t it? Or want to know more about animals’ kingdom and their life? Animals are more amazing than most of the home sapiens. However, everyone is unique in their world and sometimes acts weird in behavior. We all are fascinated by nature and its beauty.

So, We will pinpoint some of the most unknowing and cool animal facts among you. Do take a look at it.

Cool Animals Facts On The Way!

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1. Gorillas can seize human illnesses and also colds.

2. An ostrich egg is considered the biggest egg in the whole world- the weight of one ostrich egg is equivalent to 24 eggs of chicken.

3. While sleeping, dolphins keep their one eye open and only sleep with one close eye.

4. Capuchin monkeys use their own pee to wash their feet and hands.

5. Males are categorized as a peacock. However, females are categorized as peahens.

6. Prairie dogs kiss each other while greeting.

7. Despite our having invisible ears, penguins have a superb hearing.

8. Few cats are human allergic.

9. Poop of the wombat is cubic.

10. Honeybees can be prone to STD(Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

11. Cats don’t have sugar taste buds.

12. Lynx can run on deep snow because of its large feet.

13. According to animal behaviorists – cats make the meow sound to grab humans’ attention and not as a medium of communication.

14. The natural color of flamingos is white, but it simultaneously changes to pink because of their diet.

15. Speed of whitetail deer is so fast that it can sprint upto 30 mph.

16. Limbs of axolotl can be regenerated.

17. Anteaters are teeth-less.

18. Deer dont have gall bladders.

19. Kangaroos uses their tails to balance themselves.

20. Cows can take a nap while standing up but can dream while lying down.

21. Animals produce more waste in comparison to humans.

22. A butterfly is there in America, which can kill about six cats with its poison.

23. In each ear, the cat contains 32 muscles.

24. After a few hours of their birth, baby horses can run & walk.

25. Moths don’t have stomachs.

26. Reindeer Milk contains more fat in comparison to cow milk.

27. Deer can’t consume hay.

28. From the distance of 3 miles also, the elephant can smell water.

29. Snail’s will grow a new eye when their eye gets cut off.

30. The world’s deadliest caterpillar is Lonomia obliqua.

31. Cow poops around 16 times in a day.

32. Stonefish is the most poisonous fish in this world.

33. Zoophobia is the fear of animals.

34. Humans share approximately 98.4% of their DNA with chimpanzees.

35. You can identify tigers through the stipes present on their body because they have different stripes.

36. Elephants are mostly covered with hairs.

37. There are around 1700 taste buds a dog has.

38. Sharks are cancer immune!

39. Squirrels can’t see red color.

40. If mouses starve, they will end up eating their own tail.

Conclusion On Cool Animal Facts

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All the above amazing, outstanding, and cool animal facts will blow your mind. And if you like all these cool animal facts, let us know in the below comment section.

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