5 Super Random Facts That Will Make Everyone Think You Are Genius

Super Random Facts

Almost all of us do want to be a dazzling conversationalist, isn’t it? Whether we chat with our colleagues, or friends or even to impress someone over a zoom call. There are few tips and tricks that will help us to become truly a great conversationalist. So here in this article you will get to know about some really great facts that you can drop on anyone and let them wonder if you are actually a genius. So read this article take down the notes and enjoy your newly found status that you will enjoy.

Fact 1: Some Cats Are Allergic To Humans


This may seem to be a bit uncommon but you have heard it right that some cats can be allergic to humans. Though you may ask how is it possible because humans bathe more often than any typical animal and do not shed much hair or skin yet some animals can be allergic to humans as stated by Popular Science. This can be because of the cologne or the perfume we wear or the soap we use.

Fact 2: Majority Of Your Brain Is Of Fat

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You can actually call someone as a fathead but it will still be unkind. According to the Psychology 60 percent of the human brain matter is actually made of fat.

Fact 3: The Fruit Orange Do Not Occur Naturally

We love oranges and there are many products that are made with oranges but as the Telegraph points out these are not a naturally occurring one. But oranges are actually a hybrid of tangerines and pomelos and which is also called as the Chinese Grapefruit. Oranges actually are a subtropical fruit which now exist in more temperate climates. So they lose their chlorophyll-induces green color and become a familiar color when the weather warms up.

Fact 4: High Heels Were Actually Worn By Men

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Fact 5: Most Of The Wasabi We Eat In The U.S. Is Not Really A Wasabi

If you love eating wasabi with your sushi then you must learn about the fact that most of the wasabi that we eat in the U.S. is not a real wasabi. It is actually made from the expensive wasabi root as Chicago Tribune states. Then what wasabi have you been eating all this while? That is actually a white horseradish that is mixed with ground mustard seeds and is dyed in green color.

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