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5 Surprising Scientific Facts About Climate Of Earth

The recent speech of Greta Thunberg about the climate of Earth shivered people to their core. It was an emotional and questioning speech about climate change, indeed. But have you ever whether or not really human existence is the sole reason behind it? 

Maybe or not, humans do have a little to do with climate change, but there some scientific facts about Earth, which tell that it is all normal. 

The facts about Earth’s climate that this article will discuss are scientifically published and proven. 

1. Climate Change Is A Cyclic Process According To Facts About Climate Of Earth

Studying proxy data reveals that climate change is a cyclic process. It has been there since the Earth’s existence. In fact, it is a well-established fact which no scientist can deny. This cyclic climate change, whether hot or cold, is irrelevant to global warming cause and human activities. 

In the 17th century, when most of the people were gatherer, hunters, and farmers, even they witness climate change. 

2. Antarctic And Arctic Are At Better Condition According To Facts About Climate Of Earth

Very often, people notice deteriorating pictures being circulated of Antarctic and Arctic. These fake circulating pictures claim that the Antarctic and Arctic are on the verge of disappearing due to climate change. 

Factually, these pictures are claiming wrongly. If presented the data of Holocene Paleoclimatology for 10 000 years, then both of these continents are the healthiest of their time. However, there is no denial of the fact that the ice mass level was higher during the 17th century. 

In addition, despite the massive meltdown in recent decades, ice mass levels have been recorded near about the historic-high. 

5 Surprising Scientific Facts About Climate Of Earth
5 Surprising Scientific Facts About Climate Of Earth

3. Facts About Climate Of Earth Say Temperature Increase Was Not Humans’ Fault

Recently, whenever you debate about Earth’s climate change, most people blame industrialization. These claims do not support the facts. Humans and industrialization have nothing to do with the temperature increase of Earth. 

In fact, during the last 2000 years, the global temperature rose twice, once in the 1st century and another in the 10th century. Around then, there were no industries and carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, humans have a very contribution to temperature rise. 

4. Carbon Dioxide Cannot Control Temperature, Neither Increasing Nor Decreasing 

It is a widespread but less believed fact that CO2 emission has anything to do with temperature control. Neither there is any proof, nor it will be. Only people can wait to see this claim coming true whether CO2 emission aids in temperature rise or not. 

During 2000 and 2016, there wasn’t any significant change, better to say the rise in temperature, as suggested by deemed climate fraternity. During that period, many scientists supported the fact that CO2 isn’t a controlling factor for climate change. 

5. Polar Bears Are Flourishing And Living Their Lives The Best

If you receive a picture of dying Polar Bear, think twice before blaming climate change. There could be another reason behind its deteriorating health, where climate change is not responsible. Being one of the key species in the Arctic, Polar Bears are flourishing and breeding at a tremendous rate. Their population going to be doubled up in the past 20 years. 

5 Surprising Scientific Facts About Climate Of Earth
5 Surprising Scientific Facts About Climate Of Earth

Climate Change is happening but not due to majorly due to human interference. These facts would bust half of the false spreading news about doomsday approaching in the name of climate change. 

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