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The Internet has changed the way we live and how we do our work.

The Internet has changed the way we live and how we do our work. Internet moment have been developed over the years, and everyone is addicted to it because of the easy availability of devices with the internet. From television to smartwatches, all devices are internet enabled. Internet is called “drunken librarian”. This librarian is prolific and changes making in every sector of all fields. From the birth of the World Wide Web, it changes and updated almost every day. Internet moments has changed the whole world. On the 6th of Aug 1991, the World Wide Web was availed publicly. Here we have the essential pivotal internet moments.

Important Internet Moment

6 Pivotal Internet Moment Changed How We Live
6 Pivotal Internet Moment Changed How We Live

Amazon Opens For Business: July 16, 1994

On the 5th of July, 1994, Jeff Bezos founded the online bookstore for the first time. In starting its name was “Cadabra”. But the lawyer had mistaken the name “Cadaver” and finally, they changed the name as Bezos and his friend started their business from a garage. However, the shopping habits of the users and shipping systems will be changed day by day. In addition, now, Amazon is a business worth $2.6 billion. 18th January 1995 Internet Moments

However, Yahoo, at Sanford University, David Filo and Jerry Yang had started technology to facilitates the searchable index of internet pages. They named this crawler “Yahoo”. After Yahoo Microsoft stared their Bing and later on the biggest search engine, “Google” came. Moreover, Google is like an informative friend nowadays. 21st April 1995 Internet Moment

However, Domain name was worth $25,00 indicating love and sweet love. Silicon Valley and Gary Kremen had started to spread the love over the planet. However, it was the first dating platform online. offered more than a quarter-billion matches to date. Moreover, has changed the way how people may fall in love and spread love digitally.

eBay 3rd September 1995

Pierre Omidyar launched eBay from his living room. He was a computer engineer. He started this online platform to facilitate selling and buying goods online. The name of the platform was AuctionWeb when it started. People can launch new products and second-hand goods selling and buy online.

“Baby Cha-Cha” In 1996

In 1996 viral videos were new phenomena. People had been surprised when they found any video online because it was strange at that time. Nowadays, it is common, and people love to watch videos rather than reading text content. Bald and diapered animated baby doing the Cha Cha on the song Hooked on a Feeling. People liked this video, and the famous TV show Ally McBeal started. Viral videos have changed the way of marketing of brands and industries.

6 Pivotal Internet Moment Changed How We Live
6 Pivotal Internet Moment Changed How We Live

Google, 7th September 1998 Internet Moment

However, Google, the biggest search engine on the planet, was not famous from the beginning. Initially, it was like a kind and obedient digital dog, which roams around the web and fetch information from different web pages. Originally Google was called BackRub, started in 1995, at Standford University. Nowadays, Google is not limited to searches. It provides a hosting platform for free, YouTube, video-based search engine and the best advertisement platform over the internet.

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