8 Random Facts That Will Make You Say OMG

8 Random Facts That Will Make You Say OMG

Don’t you think our life is full of uncertainties and troubles? Don’t you feel bogged down often by the pressures of everyday life? Well, we are here to give you some surprise dose with some random facts. They are pretty amazing and we bet that you never even had the slightest of ideas about these amazing facts. Let’s take a look at them.

 Having One Guineapig Is A Crime In Switzerland

Well, you can have guinea pigs as a pet in your home, but having just one is a crime. Why? Since they are quite a social being they can’t stay alone. Bringing them alone in your home is no less than animal abuse. So, it’s illegal and if you feel like having them as pets, bring in pair, so that they can have fun.

Banging Your Head Is A Calorie Burner

Well banging your head for an hour against the wall is a calorie burner. It’s indeed an interesting fact, but trust me, it’s ain’t a good idea to bang your head. Well, run with your dog for 45 mins at a stretch and it will burn your calorie in the same way. Isn’t this random fact quite interesting?

There Are People Who Are Scared Of Feathers

Yes, it’s true and just the thought of tickled by feathers simply scare them off. It’s a kind of phobia and is known as Pteronophobia. This is a Greek word and it means the fear or the phobia of feathers.

Snakes Can Predict Earthquakes

8 Random Facts That Will Make You Say OMG
8 Random Facts That Will Make You Say OMG

Yes, snakes are way more sensitive than other animals in sensing quakes. In fact, they can effortlessly sense the quakes, even if they are 121 km away. You would be more surprised to know that snakes can sense it even before five days it happens. Snakes are way more interesting that you could ever believe.

Even Happiness Is Scary

Sounds weird though, but happiness is damn scary for many people. They are so engrossed in their everyday dull and dreary life that the very thought of happiness scares the ghost out of them. They think that their happiness will soon disappear and that’s why they are scared of being happy. It ain’t fun though.

Bananas Grow In The Direction Of Sun

Bananas grow in the direction of the sun. They are known to follow a procedure called “negative geotropism.” It means they will grow by facing the sun. It grows against the gravity and that’s how it gets the curvy shape.

Goats Urinate On Themselves To Appear Attractive

8 Random Facts That Will Make You Say OMG
8 Random Facts That Will Make You Say OMG

There’s a species of goat called Billy goats who urinates on their head to smell good and attract their female partners. This is not something pleasant we know!

Heart Attacks Are Mostly Monday Affairs

This is one of the random facts that are definitely not fun stuff. After all, it’s all about the life of someone. Statistics say that the incidences of heart attacks are increased on Mondays and that too in the early morning. Well, don’t worry! You are healthy enough and have many more days to live.

So, are you happy with this fun stuff? Let us know if you also come to cross with such funny random facts.

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