A Comprehensive Guide On Random Facts About Dogs

random facts about dogs

Are you finding out some random facts about dogs? And being a pet lover, you want to know every little truth related to them? Come here!

Dogs provide us with great companionship and love and are always there whenever you need them.

We know that dogs have been man’s best friends for thousands of years, but there is much more to know about our four-legged friends, making them more impressive.

So we are here to have a look into some random facts about dogs to blow your mind.

List Of Random Facts About Dogs

1. Smell Sense Of Dogs Is 40 Times Better Than Humans

About Dogs

The brain cells that identify various smells are approximately 40 times higher among dogs than humans. It means that dogs can pick up more scents in comparison to us.

And as a result, dogs are used to sniff out people, money, and drugs also.

2. Some Can Sniff Out Medical Problems Too: Random Facts About Dogs

About Dogs

Because of the great sense of smell, some dogs are trained to sniff out medical problems also.

They are even used to alert their owners and diagnose a specific condition if they require more medication.

You’ll be shocked to know the fact that some are being trained to sniff out deadly coronavirus!

3. Dogs Can Breathe And Sniff At The Same Time: Random Facts About Dogs

Dogs prevalently rely on their sense of smell while looking for food. They can identify potential friends and threats, so hopeless to utter that they sniff. Their noses are designed so that smells can last in their nose while inhaling and exhaling the oxygen.

It means that they can freely breathe and still identify the smell!

 4. Some Dogs Are Excellent Swimmers

Not all dogs are familiar with water, but the ones that are, are believed to be pretty perfect swimmers (but it’s not the same with all dogs, so keenly observe your dog if they are underwater or decide to take a dip).

5. Some Dogs Have Fast Speed And Could Defeat Cheetah Also

Most of the dogs can easily outrun humans as if they are meant for chase and run!

The fastest dog breed is Greyhound till now. And these quick look hounds can reach up to a high rate of 45mph when they start running.

While cheetahs can run at a speed of 70mph, they can only maintain the momentum for about 30 seconds. At the same time, Greyhounds can run at an excess of 35mph for seven miles.

So despite being cheetah’s promising start, greyhounds overtake them!

6. Dogs Have Super Sensitive Hearing: Random Facts About Dogs

Among various random facts about dogs, their super-sensitive hearing fact stands differently.

We know that apart from smelling, dogs have a higher listening capacity than humans, but do you know that they can hear further than that?

Generally, dogs have the cape to hear even softer sounds too than we can. Thus, they can listen to the things that are at a distance.

7. Dogs Have 18 Muscles To Control Their Ears

If you have a pet dog, you may have noticed that their ears move around quite frequently. It is because 18 muscles are responsible for the movement of their ears.

Conclusion On Random Facts About Dogs

In all, we hope that you’ll find all the random facts about dogs fascinating too.

If you love these facts, let us know in the below comment section. 

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