A List Of Interesting Facts About Kissing

Is Kissing good for health? Does everyone kiss the same way? Who invented it? Well, you must have had any of these questions.

Kissing is an art. It can put a smile on our face, burn calories, and strengthen a relationship.

Below are the top interesting facts about kissing.

The Word Kiss Is Derived From The Sound Made By The Kiss Itself

The word kiss originates from the word ‘Cyssan.’ It’s an old English word developed from two words; ‘Kussijanan’ and ‘Kuss.’ These are German words derived from the sound produced by two people kissing.

Philematology Is The Study of Kissing

Philematology studies what kissing means and its roles in different cultures. The study focuses on describing kissing as an art and science of improving human life.

We Use Muscles To Kiss

A List Of Interesting Facts About Kissing
A List Of Interesting Facts About Kissing

A smooth or French kiss uses 34 facial muscles. Pucker Kiss only requires two facial muscles. Orbicularis Oris is the main facial muscle that is used by people when kissing. The muscle is responsible for Puckering of the mouth lips.

Mouth Lips Are The Most Sensitive Part Of The Body

We may think that human genitalia is the most sensitive part of the body. However, the lips are the most sensitive. According to scientists, mouth lips are 100 times more sensitive than fingertips. This is the reason a woman can easily reach disrupting orgasm by kissing. However, a man needs to be excellent in kissing to attain this.

Kissing Burns Calories

Yes! A one-minute passionate kiss and one-minute walk will burn the same level of calories. If you are thinking of getting slimmer now, you know what you need to do.

Kissing and Suckling Are Almost the Same

According to a scientific study, you can easily tell whether an individual was breastfed by the way they kiss. People who breastfed kiss better than people who fed through a bottle.  

Kissing Improves Dental Health

Kissing more frequently improves dental health. When one anticipates a kiss, saliva increases in the mouth. The saliva creates a shield on the teeth and prevents the formation of plaque.

The saliva also prevents harmful bacteria from attacking your mouth. According to a study by scholars, over 10 million bacteria are exchanged during kissing. Its the role of Saliva to clean the mouth.

Kissing Transfers Helpful Health Ions

Exchange of fats, mineral salts and proteins happens during kissing. Through kissing the production of antibodies improves. The role of antibodies is to fight the antigens within a human body.

“French Kiss” Originated From The English Language

In 1923, the term “French Kiss” came up as an insult from the English language. The insult referred to French culture. During this time, the French culture was overly obsessed with sex.

Currently, in France, the French kiss has a different meaning. It refers to a tongue kiss or soul kiss. It’s called soul kiss because the French culture believes that two souls are merged if a tongue kiss is well done.

Men In Japan Are Afraid Of Passionate Kissing

A List Of Interesting Facts About Kissing
A List Of Interesting Facts About Kissing

A medieval manuscript warns men against kissing women. The document argues that women during orgasm might bite the tongue of their partners.

Kissing is part of human life. We cannot exhaust all the interesting facts about kissing. Now you know the top facts. Feel free to share this knowledge with your friends.

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