A List Of Top Amazing Facts Of The World

We think we know our world. Someone would forgive us for thinking that nothing can surprise us. But if you think you know the world, you are wrong. We have collected the top facts for you. The following are amazing facts of the world that Will surprise you.

  • Breathing on a diamond will tell whether its genuine or fake. A genuine diamond stays clear. A fake Diamond will become foggy. To check the legibility of gold, you use Sulphuric acid. Genuine gold becomes shiny while fake gold get’s destroyed by the acid.
  • If you chop the head of a cockroach, it will still be alive for a few weeks. Eventually, it will die of hunger.
  • In Human History, the Harry Potter books, iPhone, and Rubik’s cube are the most sold products.
  • A person has a sense called proprioception. This is a sense of being aware of where your body parts are.
  • Bananas have a curve shape. The shape is because they try to reach for sunlight as they are growing. A banana is also not fruit but berries. The most amazing fact about bananas is that they can’t reproduce.
  • The Twitter logo blue bird is called Larry. The owner of twitter named the bird after a basketball player called Larry Bird.
  • Giant bees are found in the Nepal high mountain forest. The bees grow to a length of a maximum of 1.1 inches. The bees also produce strong special honey that can make a person to hallucinate. People who live in the Himalayas collect the honey and use it as a stimulant to keep them high.
  • When you lose or gain weight, the fat cells remain. They don’t disappear. The cells adjust their size.
  • Historically all the traffic lights were labeled with a similar word. This is the reason Japanese traffic lights do not have a green light but a blue light.
  • There are 99% of microbes living in the human bodies that are not known to science.
  • No one knows the last words that Albert Einstein said. He said them in the German language in the presence of a nurse who didn’t speak German.
  • A paper cut is the most painful cut. The cut does not bleed. The nerve ending gets exposed to the air causing sharp irritation.
  • We discovered the funniest amazing fact of the world. Clicking Mouse button can burn calories in your body. To burn one calorie in your body, you need to click the mouse over 10 Million times.
  • The first concert ever on the internet was by Earl Wild. He was a pianist and American composer. The first concert on the internet was 58 years after its live performance.
  • Making ice cubes with hot water make them clear. Tap water makes white cubes.
  • Zhang, Lee, and Van are the most famous names in China. 21% of the total population uses either of the names.
  • Charles Darwin is the person who came up with the idea of attaching wheels on an office chair. The idea was to enable him to move more quickly around the office.

In conclusion, there are numerous amazing facts about the world. Most of the facts may seem funny but very relevant. From testing diamonds to making ice cubes, the above list gave the top amazing facts of the world.

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