About Nature: Know Some Mind-Blowing Facts Of The Earth

About Nature: Know Some Mind-blowing Facts Of The Earth

About nature, there are mysteries that we haven’t learned yet. But, the unknown aspects of nature blow our minds when they unfold before us, and we are enchanted by the natural phenomena all around us. The more we will know about nature, the more we will feel astonished to see its bigger picture. So, let’s learn about some awesome facts of our nature.

About Nature: 7-Feet Tall Extinct Penguins!

In the new age, the biggest penguins to exist are emperor penguins. This species of penguins have a respectable height of 4-feet. But, do you know that nearly 37 million years ago, there lived a species known as colossus penguins? These penguins roamed on ice-cold Antarctica. Their weights were almost 250 pounds while they were around 6 feet and 6 inches tall. However, the colossus penguins were unable to fly, just like the modern penguins. But, think about those penguins playing basketball with the top players of today.

About Nature: Know Some Mind-blowing Facts Of The Earth
About Nature: Know Some Mind-blowing Facts Of The Earth

Accents To Flaunt

Do you know that goats have accents? Yes, Queen Mary University of London has found in their researches that goats have no language of their own. However, the language we hear them speaking is just the accents which they copy from one another. They just pick up various accents as a means of communication.

About Nature: Fungus Which Bleeds!

All across the US, you will find the fungus that bleeds red. Especially if you are in the Pacific Northwest, you will see the Hydnellum Peckii mushrooms. These mushrooms have an unmistakable appearance when they are young. There is dark and thick red sap all over the white cap of this fungus. So, it has earned various nicknames like “devil’s tooth,” “strawberries and cream,” etc. Interestingly, both the red sap and the fungus are not poisonous. However, you can’t eat the mushroom as it is incredibly bitter.

African Buffalos Vote To Make Decisions

Apparently, not only humans vote to make a decision, but African buffalos also count in the league. However, unlike political decisions, these buffalo herds vote to select a direction for their traveling.

The adult females from the herds stand up and look at a particular direction before lying down. Then, the direction which would get the most “looks” will be the direction for their travels. However, if there’s more than one direction that also almost equal vote, the herd sometimes split temporarily. Aside from African buffalos, various types of monkeys and red deers also follow democratic behavior. 

About Nature: Know Some Mind-blowing Facts Of The Earth
About Nature: Know Some Mind-blowing Facts Of The Earth

About Nature: Pitcher-plant As Toilet And Food Source

There are various types of carnivorous plants in the wild. Among them, the Low’s pitcher plant has moved out from the list of carnivorous plants as they don’t eat animals. What’s more interesting is they feast on anything they leave behind.

The Low’s pitcher plant secretes sugary, white nectar, which the shrews and birds both love. The birds and shrews have to sit over the mouth of the Low’s pitcher plant to get the nectar. So, as they sit, they sometimes use the plant as a toilet while collecting the nectar.

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