Amazing Facts About World Rivers

Rivers are natural streams of water. They flow freely. Even strong mountains, cannot stop their persistence. A river flows by force called current. The path of a river is known as a course.

Near the river source, the current is usually strong. The amazing fact is that rivers can flow through valleys, down mountains and can create gorges or canyons. Some flow seasonally while others flow throughout the year.

Read through this article and learn the amazing facts about world rivers.

The Longest River Is In Africa

The longest river is called the river Nile. Eleven countries share it. It Stretches from Kenya through Ethiopia, to Egypt. The length of the river Nile is 6,853 kilometers long.

The Most Polluted River Is In New York

River Hudson is 315 miles river flowing through Eastern New York from the Adirondack Mountains. The river flows southward to Hudson Valley. It is the most polluted river in the world. The organisms in the stream are learning how to adapt to the dirty water.

Amazon River Discharges The Highest Amount Of Water

Amazing Facts About World Rivers
Amazing Facts About World Rivers

Amazon river originates from the Andes, Peru and runs through to Brazil. It is the second longest river on earth. The river has the highest volume of water in the world.

The river is also the widest river. Without flooding, it can stretch to a width of 11 km miles at the widest point. It carries water from the tropical Amazon forest.

Mekong River Erupts With Fireballs

The river erupts with hundreds of fireballs in Thailand. The locals believe that the river has a serpent that spits fire. The snake is called Naga. The natural phenomenon is called Naga fireballs.

Sac Actun Is The Longest Underground River

The longest underground river flows beneath the Peninsula. It is also called the ‘White Cave.’ The river flows for 153 Km through an underground maze of limestone caves.

The Black Sea Is The Longest Undersea River

The river is 60 km (37 miles) long. It has a depth of 35 meters and a width of 970 meters. The river is shorter than the Amazon river. However, it carries ten times the water carried by the Amazon.

Deepest River In The World Is In Congo

Congo River was formerly called Zaire River. Its depth is over 720 feet (220 meters). It is the second largest river in the world by the level of water discharge. The river is also the second longest in Africa. Congo river stretches through the great Congo forest.

Onyx River Is The Longest Meltwater Stream

Onyx River is in the Antarctic, the frozen continent. The river flows westward from wright Lower Glacier through the Wright Valley. It only flows during a few months of Antarctic summer.

Onyx Is 32 Kilometers And The Longest In Antarctica

Amazing Facts About World Rivers
Amazing Facts About World Rivers


Rivers are amazing physical features. They also serve as life support machines in different parts of the world. They don’t only support animal and plants, but also people around them. For example, Nile river water is used by 11 countries for irrigation. The river also supplies people with household water.

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