Amazing Facts Of The Day

Every day you must learn something new. Some of the things you learn are facts. Facts of the Day will always make wise. The following are the top facts that you should learn today.

Sunflowers Follow The Sun’s Direction

The sunflowers resemble the sun in shape. This is not the only reason it’s called sunflower. It follows the movement of the sun across the sky. In the morning the sunflower face east. Noontime faces up on the sky and evening on the west.

Moonflowers also act in the same manner. The flowers open during cloudy days or only at nightfall.

 There Is A Train That Rides Through “Tunnel of Love”

The tunnel of love is in Ukraine. It’s an industrial railway section that links with Orzhiv. It’s a five Kilometer length railway surrounded by green arches.

Couples can get a ride through the tunnel and make a wish. It’s like taking a ride through your love.

Sea Otters Sleep While Holding Hands

The fact of the day goes to sea otters. These animals seem to enjoy every part of their lives.

Sea otters float and lie on their backs on the water surface. They maintain the serene response posture when sleeping. When sleeping they gather in groups. They stretch their arms and hold hands together.

The otters entangle themselves to ensure that they maintain anchorage. When sea tides and swirling come, they do not move. They hold hands and anchor themselves to seaweed.

The Voice Actors Of Mickey And Minnie Mouse Were Married In Real Life

Mickey Mouse is an animation movie. Russi Taylor was married to Wayne Allwine. Russi voice Minnie Mouse. Wayne voice Mickey Mouse. Both married for 18 years in real life. Allwine died in 2009 from diabetes. This is a fact of the day that you needed to know.

Lazy People Think More than Active People

A study done in 2016 discovered this fact of the day. The study found out that people who have strong cognition think more. They move less than people with mentally taxing tasks.

When someone is not actively involved in an activity, their mind becomes busy. Lazy people think a lot. Unfortunately, most of the thoughts are fantasies and wishes.

The Moon Has A Time Zone

Astronomers observed the time moon needs to rotate and revolve around the Earth. These movements were used to calculate moon time. A unique watch developed estimates the moon time perfectly. The Astronomers are keeping the invention to be used by people who visit the moon.

Women Programmed The First Computer

Do you know who wrote the first code? Ada Lovelace took the honors. Ada recognized that computers had more abilities than just calculating.

A team of six programmers gave the world a digital computer. All the members of the team were women. Historians have recognized their achievement.

Could this be the reason why computer language is difficult to understand? Pun intended.

There Is A Forest With A Single Tree

Sounds crazy? It’s a fact. The Trembling Giant is a 107-acre forest with a single tree. The forest is in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest. It has over 47,000 trees of quaking aspen that share the same root system.

I hope today you have learnt something new. Keep on learning. There is enough knowledge in the world today. You can be learning new facts every day.

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