Amazing Facts You Need to Know

We live in a world that we cannot understand it in its entirety. Our way of living is determined by various things which we are not aware of their origin. People who lived before us designed things by mistake, and now they have become part of our lives. The amazing facts below will keep you informed.  

The Original Of Sunglasses We Designed For Judges

I know what you are thinking. That’s not true.

It’s an amazing fact that sunglasses were not designed to protect your eyes from the sunlight.

The Sunglasses design and invention was by Chinese for judges. The dark glasses were invented to hide the emotions of the judge in courtroom proceedings.

So, know you know. They were not originally sunglasses.

Alphabetical Order Has No Meaning

Think for a minute. Do you think if we changed the alphabetical order anything could change? Feel free to leave a logical answer in the comment section. Why do we have a particular order for the alphabets?

It’s an amazing fact. The order doesn’t mean anything. There will be no effect if the order is changed. Now you know.

Humans Shed 40 Pounds of Skin

An amazing fact everyone sheds his/her body skin. Yes, but we are not a snake. However, our skin shed time over time. In an average human life, about 40 pounds of skin cells sheds. This is equivalent to having a new skin every month. Every day you are a new person.

On Jupiter and Saturn, It Rains Diamonds

Amazing Facts You Need to Know
Amazing Facts You Need to Know

Are you thinking of going there right now? It’s an amazing fact.

According to the Nasa Atmospheric data, Jupiter and Saturn experience diamond hail storms. The diamonds are forms from the methane soot. The soot further hardens into graphite. By the time it falls it turns to Diamonds.

A Fake Smile Kills

Yes, you heard me right. Faking happiness will hurt you. New York Times studied the behavior of bus drivers. As a bus driver, you are required to have friendly interactions every day.

The research found out that they put a smile for the show. Most of the drivers died from sadness related illnesses.

Depression is common among people who pretend to be happy at all time. Mainly, people think that they are okay. They don’t get people to relieve their life pain.

It’s an amazing fact. Now you know. Don’t fake it. Be genuine.

If You Are Craving Ice, You Might Have Iron Deficiency

If you like crunching ice, a probability is you have iron deficiency. Iron Deficiency might cause anemia.

The compulsive eating of ice is ‘Pagophagia.’ It’s a nervous tick. It also, cools inflammation in your mouth that could have been caused by lack of iron.

If you like chewing the cubes, get medical attention.

An Octopus Has Three Hearts

One heart works to help the circulation of blood in its body organs. The only pumps and circulate blood past the Octopus’ gills.

When an Octopus is swimming the first heart stops beating. It becomes difficult for the octopus. This is the reason why an Octopus crawl instead of swimming.

It’s amazing how some of these facts affect our daily lives. Next time you wear sunglasses remember they were for judges. Don’t forget when you fake that smile you might die quickly.

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