Amazing Random Facts You Didn’t Know

From the longest street to elephants using their ears to control their temperature, the world is full of amazing facts. The following are top amazing random facts that you didn’t know.

The World Longest Street Is In Canada

Yonge street it’s a northern suburb in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s listed as the longest street in the Guinness Book of Records. The street is also marked as a Canadian national historic site. It hosts the site for first Canada’s subway line. Yonge measures 1,896 Km.

Human Blood Vessels Are 96,000 Km

The human body is made up of a network of blood vessels. Blood vessels carry blood and all other substances to every cell. Like a network of roads connecting the city center to suburbs, the blood vessels connect the body to the heart. The vessels form a system that is over 96,000 km long. The length is almost two and a half the circumference of the whole world.

 Average Person Spends 25 Years Sleeping

The average sleep for a person is eight hours a day. This is a third of the hours in a day. This means an individual sleep a third of their life. Life expectancy of an average person is 75 years. That’s means you sleep for 25 years.

A Health Elephant Produces 22kg Of Dung Daily

Elephants are the largest land mammals. They only sleep for a maximum of 5 hours a day. Nineteen hours are spent eating. A healthy elephant can produce up to 22 Kg of Dung. This amazing fact led to research in Thailand on exotic coffee production. Elephants are fed coffee beans and later picked from the dung.

A Soccer Ball Uses 32 Leather Panels And 642 Stitches

According to FIFA standards, a soccer ball follows guidelines that make it’s user-friendly. The amazing fact is that it uses over six hundred stitches to hold together 32 leather panels.

78% Of The Human Brain is Water

Water is among the most important part of life. Some organisms have 90% of water in their body mass. An adult human body is 60% water. The brain alone is 78% water.  Lungs are about 83% water.

A Mice Can Last For Long Without Water

Mice can only last a maximum of 4 days without food. They are scavengers, and they need more energy to live. However, they can last for several weeks without water. Rats can easily get water from the food they consume. Giraffes and rats can last for many days without water as compared to camels.

Niagara Falls Can Fill 4,000 Bathtubs in A Second

Amazing Random Facts You Didn’t Know
Amazing Random Facts You Didn’t Know

Niagra falls are the fastest moving waterfall in the world. The river itself moves at a speed of 48 km/hr. The river connects between Ontario and Erie lakes.

An Elephant Regulates Its Temperature With Its Ears

When the wind is blowing, elephants face into its direction. It opens its ears too wide to benefit from the blowing wind. When there is no wind the elephant flaps their big ears. It creates a continuous current that takes heat away from its body.

In conclusion, the world is full of facts. You cannot exhaust them. However, learning new facts every day will make you appear smart.

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