Animal Cruelty Facts – What You Need To Know About Animal Cruelty Laws

animal cruelty facts

The topic of animal cruelty can be a touchy subject for many people. We have all been shocked, offended or saddened by some of the images we have seen on television. But are we doing enough to stop animal cruelty? Are we doing what we can to protect our pets and others? This article will aim to provide some basic information on this important subject.

Factory Farming- Biggest Animal Cruelty Facts

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One of the first animal cruelty facts is that Factory farming is one of the worst forms of exploitation of animals. While it may seem that way in the scheme of things, these creatures suffer much more than you might think. Throughout the United States, factory farms and zoos house millions of dogs, cats, birds and countless other animals each year. The sad truth is that these poor creatures have no better way of living other than inside a cage. Crucial diseases are spread through the mishandling of these animals; diseases such as rabies and leptospirosis are prevalent in the lower levels of these cages. In addition, factory farming and zoos cause an enormous amount of pollution, which in turn causes severe damage to the ozone layer and contributes to global warming.

Another animal cruelty fact is animal testing. Though most of us have become aware of the cruelty done to dogs, cats and other animals during the dog and cat food tests, there are still many abuse cases happening everyday. From poorly constructed cages to abusive handling procedures and lack of veterinary care, there are just too many cruelty cases that are never reported, documented or even heard about.

Puppy Mills

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There is another animal cruelty facts that should be made a priority among all Americans. That is puppy mills. These establishments are becoming more widespread throughout the country and are considered a criminal activity by the state. Although there are some puppy mills that are legal, many are found to be very cruel and treat their puppies brutally. In one recent report, inspectors had to shut down several facilities because they were found to be abusing dogs. The statistics show that hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs had been abused in these puppy mills over the last few years.

Most people are completely unaware of the fact that there is actually a nationwide campaign to bring these puppy mills down. This is part of the animal rights movement. Because the puppy mills are such an inhumane business, there is no place for these puppy mills in our society. As long as they exist, this is one cruelty that must be exposed and corrected. The first step in stopping cruelty to animals is awareness; therefore, exposing and correcting animal cruelty facts is a great place to start.

Pet Trade In Large Cities

Next on the list is child abuse. Every year, children are being abused in American zoos and other facilities. One sad example is the tragic drowning of a four-year old girl at a Florida zoo. This child had already been severely beaten and was not responding when she was being abused. This case is just one of many that need to be brought to light in order to prevent further abuse of children. Another sad example is that of another little girl who was locked in a cement container and died while still inside a cement container.

Probably the most disturbing of all the animal cruelty facts is the instances where pets are being stolen from their owners. There are literally thousands of pets that are stolen each year. Stuffed animals and other possessions are taken from the homes of their owners. In some cases, the pets are killed. Some owners may simply sell the stolen pets to other people. An example of this would be someone who lives in a small rural area but who has a large city close by that he uses as a pet trade.

Final Words

Many cities have animal cruelty laws that are aimed at preventing the acts of theft and abuse. It is the job of the police to crack down on these thieves and the police often visit the homes of owners to make sure that things are being done appropriately. Most cities have laws that are aimed at stopping animal cruelty in that they have rules and regulations that dog, cats, rabbits, birds, fish, and reptiles are not supposed to be hurt unless extreme circumstances are present. If you are a pet owner who is dealing with an animal that is causing you problems, it might be time to consider having some animal cruelty laws applied to you.

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