Animal Extinction Facts – What Causes Animal Extinction and How Can We Prevent It

animal extinction facts

What are some of the most important animal extinction facts? Some people might say that we should just learn from past mistakes and turn our backs on these creatures, but that is not what we have learned from our Earth history. Sometimes we have a chance to step back and look at the bigger picture. In the case of animal extinction, that picture looks somewhat grim, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many organizations are working to learn more about how and why animals go extinct and they are compiling the information for us. There are many different reasons that a species can become extinct and understanding them all could mean the difference between the survival of a certain species or the extinction of a species.

One of the first steps that should be taken is learning more about the various reasons that extinctions occur. An example of one such event was the mass extinction that took place 65 million years ago. This event resulted in the death of the passenger pigeon, the main source of food for the vast bird family, which in turn caused many other species to become extinct. One such species that was so greatly threatened by mass extinction was the Amur leopard.

Animal Extinction Facts

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Many of the same reasons that extinctions take place are involved with global warming. Evidence now shows that a great deal of the Earth’s surface is now warmer than it has ever been in Earth’s history. If global warming is allowed to continue unchecked, many different species of animals will soon become extinct.

Extinction events also take place due to the abuse of land and resources. Man created many types of pollution, which is causing many different animals and plants to become extinct. A prime example of this is the destruction of the largest rainforest in Brazil. The Amazon is home to many different types of animals, including the critically endangered jaguarundi.

Another factor that causes many animals to become extinct is poecilification. Poecilification is the intentional killing of an animal for one reason or another. This includes killing for sport, fighting, selling as trophies, or as fertilizer. It is believed that if this continues on at the current rate it will threaten the existence of the African lion, greater civet, orangutan, Asian elephant, or the smallest sloth.

A Much Ado

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In addition to the factors listed above, many different species are protected by governments, conservation organizations, the international community, etc. These species are also threatened or endangered. Any action taken to preserve them will be beneficial to the remaining ones that are still around. Many people feel that it is wrong for businesses and other people to destroy the world by destroying the lives of rare animals and plants.

Animal extinction can be directly tied to invasive species. Invasive species are those that come from other parts of the world. These include birds, snakes, insects, amphibians, and even some plants and fungi. Sometimes an invader will enter a habitat and destroy it, but often they will just move in and set up shop somewhere else in an area. Often times they will set up a breeding site where they can continue to breed and increase their numbers. They then prey upon smaller animals and ultimately kill them.

Bottom Line

One of the most important factors in the reduction of a species is its habitat. The protection and preservation of habitat are vital in preventing the loss of threatened and endangered animals and plants. Often times the natural habitats of animal or plant species are heavily threatened with destruction. For example, the Amazon Rainforest may be under severe pressure from illegal logging and agriculture. But if everyone stopped buying lumber from the Amazon, it would still exist in its natural state.

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