Animal Facts Of The Day That Are Enthralling

animal facts of the day

Do you feel that you have an increasing interest in the animal world? Then it would be really great if you did proper research about some of the most exciting ideas and facts that you can get about these animals. We live in a diverse world that consists of numerous flora and fauna, each of which has unique characteristics. Today we’re going to discuss about some of the animals and the facts encompassing them so that you can gain more knowledge with extensive research. So what are you waiting for when all you have to do is to read out the facts?

The Oldest Evidence Of Animals

Animal Facts

Did you know that the oldest evidence can be dated back to 3.8 billion years, and you can get it from the carbon print of the fossils? During the Precambrian era, the first animals appeared in the Fossil record, and most of the researchers went on to find creatures that can be dated back to 635 and 453 million years ago. By the end of the mentioned era, the Ediacaran biota had already vanished. 

Loudest Animal In The World

Animal Facts

Did you have any idea that the loudest animal in the world is only 2 cm in length? The Pistol shrimp can close its close rapidly, and it creates bubbles to produce a Sonic super blast. As silly as it might sound to you, it is an actual fact and creates a sound more than the Corncode’s sonic boom. Did you know that the shock waves produced from the sound will be able to reach 230 DB, which is more than a gunshot? Also, in the bubble creation procedure, it can generate a temperature of 4400c, which helps kill its prey. 

Flamingos Are Not Pink.

No, we are not saying that we all have been color blind for so long. When they are born, they are grey in color. But flamingos mostly eat brine shrimp and blue-green algae. It produces a natural pink dye which is also known as canthaxanthin, and it turns the feather colors into pink. That is primarily the reason why the flamingo that you check in the zoo loses their coloring until they have their proper coloring diet. 

Otters Hold Hands

It is a super cute thing that you might not know, but otters actually hold hands when they are sleeping. They have this practice to make sure that they do not float away from each other when they are sleeping in the water. Whenever you check out the photos of voters sleeping, it will look super cute to you. 

Dolphins Can Get High.

Did you know that dolphins are clever enough to use pufferfish because they release toxins that can make them high? The toxins can be deadly when they are used in high doses, but the dolphins know precisely how to use them to get the much-needed narcotic effect. Did you know that they are also mighty when it comes to hallucinogenic properties, and the dolphins enjoy the effect that it brings?


These are some of the animal facts that will keep you delighted and curious for more research. 

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