Collecting and Submitting Weird Facts About Space

weird facts about space

There are many strange and weird facts about space. Most of these have been brought to light by science and exploration. For example, did you know that NASA uses about 50 different experiments each year to test the theory of gravity? This is just one amongst many. Some interesting topics include; the moon, the clouds, black holes, aliens, and so much more.

Did you know that during the Cold War many US military aircraft were launched from space? They claimed that they were going to be carrying nuclear missiles. No one knows where those missiles came from or why they were launched. There are many strange and amazing facts about space that we can learn from.

Astronomical Fact

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Astronomy is an interesting subject. It is widely regarded as a strange art form. It involves many strange laws that we don’t understand. The biggest of these is called the laws of Newton. This states that the speed of gravity is equal to the rate of falling matter. This is often referred to as the great ethnic equations.

A lot of interest is also being paid to black holes. These are extremely dense objects in space that are responsible for generating massive amounts of radiation. As the radiation burst from the black hole it emits sound. This is known as black-hole sound.

There is something called “solar flares”. These flare-ups occur when there is a large space object near a star. The flare happens because of an outside force causing the object to wobble. Many astronomers study these flares to try and detect signals from alien spacecraft. Even though this doesn’t provide evidence of life there is still interest in this topic.

Weather Conditions

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We all have been through extreme weather conditions on earth such as hurricanes and tornadoes. On rare occasions we have meteor showers. These are similar to the comets, but they are not as frequent. There is one big difference between a meteor shower and a solar flare.

Astronomy books talk about these phenomena in great detail. There is no way to predict a solar flare or a solar storm. It just is not possible. It is believed that they will occur more frequently with increased levels of solar activity. The biggest threat to our space technology comes from space debris and harmful collisions with other space objects.

Although there are many weird facts about space, it would be impossible to mention them all here. The internet has a great many sites dealing with space and science. Spend some time doing some research on any subject you are interested in and you will be amazed at the wealth of information accessible. Visit some space blogs and watch for unusual things that occur on a regular basis. You may be surprised at how common weird events really are!

Search Online

Websites like Wikipedia contain enormous amounts of data about everything. Some people wonder if the same applies to space. There is a lot of data and knowledge out there. It is simply a matter of sifting through it and learning from it. If you do this for just a few days, you will learn quite a lot.

We know that space is filled with gases and it is also possible that gases escape into space. This is known as exospheres. When gases escape into space, they are usually very hot and can become ionized. It has recently been proven that this is sometimes true in space as well.

If you have a website about space or if you are interested in space, you should look into collecting and publishing your own weird facts about space. There is so much information available that it will be very interesting to sift through it. Once you have accumulated your data, you can start writing articles about it and posting them on your site or sending them to publications. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you to spread your theories and to talk about your ideas.


You may want to send people to your website to see what all you have written. You might even think about selling your articles and materials to others who have space-related questions or concerns. It would be a good idea to check out some of the weird space stuff online yourself. Once you start seeing some things that are out of the ordinary, you will start to have more questions of your own and you will want to know more.

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