Cool Facts About Hawaii Islands

Hawaii is a famous tourist attraction. It hosts dream vacation destinations for the entire world. With its popularity around the globe, it gives the best vacation experience. Below are cool facts that you need to know about Hawaii.

Hawaii Grows Coffee

Hawaii is the only state in the U.S that grows Coffee. Most of Americans depend on coffee for hot beverages. The famous islands are the home for Arabica plant.

The plant produces coffee beans used to brew coffee. Every time you visit Hawaii, there are high chances the coffee you drink comes from local farmers.

Hawaii Is The Widest State In The US

The Islands spreads across the Pacific Ocean with a total of 1,500 miles. Hawaii is wider as compared to other states. Texas is the second widest state in the US.

The Island Has Its Official Language

In the United States, Hawaii is the only state with an official language. California, Texas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, or New Jersey have their accents or slangs.

However, the Islands of Hawaii uses both Hawaiian and English as official languages. The language of native Hawaiian is more popular in the Island as compared to English.

There are only 12 letters in the Hawaii language. The letters pronunciation sounds very different from English. Hawaiian is complex and difficult to learn.

Hawaii Has Its Own Time Zone

Hawaiian Standard Time is the time zone used in the state. The Pacific Standard Time is ahead of the Hawaii time zone with 3 hours. Hawaii together with Arizona does not participate in savings time for the daylight.

Hawaii Is The Home For The World’s Most Active Volcano

Cool Facts About Hawaii Islands
Cool Facts About Hawaii Islands

The Kilauea volcano Is on the Island. The volcano eruptions are continuous since 1960. The eruptions sometimes happen up to three times in a single year. The elevation of the volcano currently is at 4,091 feet.

Despite this cool fact, people from all over the world can tour the Island throughout the year.

Hawaii Holds Different World Records

Hawaii Islands have the largest telescope in the world. The Island also has more scientific observatories than all other places in the world. Among other major records include the largest surfboards line on the island of Maui.

Hawaii Natives Are Ethnical And Racial Minorities

Hawaii constitutes 5% Chinese-Americans, 16% Filipino-American, 32% Japanese American, 34%, Caucasians. Everyone on the islands is a minority. Determining ethnicities on the Islands is difficult. Most of the populations are mixed.

The Terrains of Hawaii Resembles the Moon

Hawaii’s Terrain Resembles The Moon

Mauna Loa Volcano surface resembles the moon surface. In the 1960s, Astronauts trained for their moon mission by walking on the Island’s surface.

Hawaii Has The Highest Average Lifespan In The United States

Cool Facts About Hawaii Islands
Cool Facts About Hawaii Islands

The lifespan of native Hawaiian is 79.8 years. The lifespan is considered the longest as compared to other states in the United States. Organic foods are considered to be a major contributor to the highest lifespan on the Islands.

Finally, the Hawaii Islands are the most popular travel islands in the world. People travel to enjoy the crystal-clear water, strong Hawaii culture, and top tourist destinations on the Islands. Most romantic movies depict the Island as the perfect destination to take a vacation with your loved one.

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