Cool Facts About Us That You Didn’t Know

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Did you know some weird and wonderful fun facts about different animals? Maybe you have a friend that owns a pet. Do you know any of your friends’ pets? Then why don’t you learn more about a few interesting and surprising facts about them.

Cool Facts about Animals

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One of the most popular and weird fun facts about animals is that they can talk. You might not believe it but dolphins actually can talk. In fact, dolphins sleep one eye open at a time. This is one of the most amazing facts about dolphins because no other species in the animal kingdom can do this. You could hear a single lion cry from a long distance of 3 miles away.

Cows only get stressed whenever they are separated from their loved ones. Like us, they cannot bear to be alone. To test this theory, scientists performed a study and found out that if a cow is put alone in an area with no other animals for a week, it will still stay in that area without wandering far and wide. Interestingly enough, it can even stay in one spot if it sneezes or yawns – but will get restless the minute you put it back with other animals around it.

Another one of the weird fun facts about animals is that humans can grow bigger than dolphins. It is true. The human body is growing bigger day by day, just like the fish in the ocean. Although most people don’t know this, there are lots of people who are still sitting on the sidelines of the race in which humans are overtaking the most powerful fish in the ocean – the whale.

Apparently, cats are one of the only wild animals that likes to play with humans. Researchers came up with this fact when they were trying to figure out how strange and unique cats are. To answer this question, they conducted a survey where they interviewed a group of cat owners and found out that they would often try to pet their own kitty and would even groom it.

One of the most weird fun facts about humans is that we are not sure why, at times, we are not able to smell certain odors that others do. For instance, some people have a severe case of asthma, and they can detect an odor that others don’t. But, for other people, it may be just the case that they haven’t got any of the “cooties” (aceous) cells that protect us from airborne infections. This makes the reason of why we can’t smell garlic all the more strange – although garlic does smell, so we are probably not losing any sleep over it.

Another weird fun fact about us is that we don’t know why a light in the average person’s automobile goes on when it shouldn’t, and goes off when it should. This is because the human brain’s electrical system is set up in such a way that it is wired to start the car whenever it senses any kind of presence. The electrical impulses that you feel in your eyes when you look at something go to your brain, which then triggers the start of the vehicle.

End Note

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Some weird fun facts about us are that dolphins sleep, and that cats are the only animal among mammals that doesn’t sleep. Yes, we have come across dolphins before, but they are not the friendly giant mammals that we think of. In fact, dolphins sleep beneath the sea, so it’s hard to say how much, if any, sleep they actually get. On the other hand, cats sleep all the time. And it seems like, compared to dolphins, cats are pretty lazy.

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