Cool Facts Of All Times

Living in today’s world, it’s not surprising to have cool facts about everything. The facts range from history, invention, technology, and all spheres of life. This article covers cool facts that will make you believe the world is a nice place to be at such a time like today.

An 11-Year-old Invented Ice Pops By Accident

Frank Epperson was 11-years old when he invented ice pops. In 1905, the boy left water and soda powder outside overnight. The two ingredients were left in a cup with its wooden stirrer.

In the morning the mixture had frozen by the chilly nighttime weather. The accident was the birth of the Epsicle.

The boy sold the frozen treat to nearby amusement park and neighborhood. Through the help of his parents, he went further to patent the recipe. After several years the name of the ice was changed to Popsicle.

Invention process of the ice pop is a cool fact that you didn’t know.

The Internet Inventor Regrets Adding “//” After “Https:”

Tim Berners-Lee created the first World Wide Web. He admitted his regrets in adding the “//” in a web address. It was a common programming standard. However, it didn’t serve any purpose in the entire URL.

In 2009, when asked he said, it would have saved space and time. This is a cool fact, but it bothers me too. I hope we will forgive him one day.

Originally, The Eiffel Tower Was Intended For Barcelona

Gustave Eiffel had designed the Tower for Barcelona. Barcelona is a city in Spain. The leadership and management of Barcelona thought that the design was too ugly. They rejected it and did not allow Gustave to pitch it.

Gustave went ahead and pitched in Paris. The French Critics also did not like it. It became a joke for some time. In 1889, during an international exposition, it was marked as a temporary landmark.

Today Eiffel Tower is one of the major tourist attractions for the French city. If only Barcelona knew.

Eiffel Tower is a cool fact that reminds us to pursue our dream no matter how stupid it seems to others.

Amazon Began In A Garage

Amazon today is among the world top companies. Jeff P. Bezos founded the company in his father’s garage.

Jeff got the idea after seeing how the internet was revolutionizing the world. He made a list of 20 products that he could sell online.

Within two weeks, Amazon was making over $20,000 from the garage. The money went on Amazon’s growth. In 2018, the company ranked as the biggest retailer in the world.

The Founder Of Coca Cola Died Before Realizing Any Profit

In the founding year, John Pemberton sold an average of nine glasses every day. In 1888, John Pemberton died without enjoying the profit of a company he had created. By the year 1891, Coca Cola was making a total of $2,300.

By 1895, the drink was popular. The company had begun making a profit. Today Coca-Cola is among the best performing international companies.

If you are stuck in life, just remember Coca Cola and Amazon. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Your mistakes could turn out to be the biggest invention that would save the world.

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