Crazy Facts You Should Know

The modern world is equipped with knowledge about everything. The experience presents findings of crazy facts. Some facts are unbelievable. The list below will give some of the crazy facts you should know.

No Animal Enjoy Spicy Foods Apart From Humans

This is a crazy fact that scientists had trouble explaining. Humans are the only animals that seem to enjoy spices. Spices could not have any health benefits, but the humans enjoy the thrill that comes with eating different spices.

The experience of spices is similar to enjoying rollercoasters. The scary movies lie in this category too. There are no major benefits to doing these things. Humans just enjoy the fun and the thrill.

All other animals don’t seem to have a problem with eating their feeds. Only human cares about the taste.

The Human Brain Expand And Shrink With Age

Crazy Fact You Should Know
Crazy Fact You Should Know

As a child is born, the brain is small. As we grow, our brain grows as well. When we begin getting old the brain shrinks. At old age, human suffer cognitive dysfunction like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Humans are the only animals that undergo these changes. All the other animal’s brain expands but doesn’t shrink. A test done on the other close human relatives does not show shrinkage. Rhesus and chimpanzee monkeys’ brain does not shrink.

Potato Chips Cause Obesity More Than Any Other Food

A study was done on more than 120,000 people to ascertain this Fact. The Harvard study found that potato chips are the cause of an increase of 1.69 pounds. This was the highest level.

The same test was done on other foods. Potatoes only contributed to 1.28 pound. Sweetened sugary beverages added to 1.00 pounds while the red meats were at 0.95 pounds.

It’s a Fact, next time you think of the potato chips, think about your weight.

Most Stores Labels Fish Wrongly Intentionally

A research conducted on most fish vendors discovered this crazy fact. The main idea of mislabeling is to mislead buyers. You get to pay for an expensive fish only to get a cheaper fish.

This is Crazy Fact scares you? Maybe that salmon you bought wasn’t a salmon. According to the research, snapper mislabeling was at 87% of the time. Tuna followed with a mislabeling of 59%.

Now you are wondering what to do. The researchers did not give a solution to this. Probably, you just need to hope your vendor is not this malicious.

Bananas Can’t Reproduce

Crazy Fact You Should Know
Crazy Fact You Should Know

We all love bananas. Have you ever seen Banana seeds? If you have been looking for them, wake up. They are not found anywhere.

Bananas are a hybrid of two plant species. This is the reason it has no seed. The reproduction of the Bananas has been possible by the aid of farmers. The farmers transplant part of the stem to regrow it.

This is a crazy fact. I’m sure you didn’t know about it.

You Can’t Hum While Holding Your Breath

The same way you can’t breathe out while holding your nose, you can’t hum when holding your breath. To be able to produce the humming noise, air has to pass through your larynx. That’s impossible with the breath is held. It’s a fact.

Now you know the crazy facts. Feel free to share them with your loved one. Let them learn what you learned today.

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