Crazy Random Facts From The History Of The Bible

crazy random facts

Some of them are actually quite shocking. For example, one story in the Bible involves a woman who was crazy and insane and would start to scream and yell at people.

One day a certain traveler and historian got hold of a copy of the Bible and noticed all these crazy things. They were astounded and wondered how this could be true. They then went to a lady whom they knew and asked her if she had a copy of the Bible. She told them yes. Then they searched for some more information and found out that crazy occurred because there was a lady in the region called Jerusalem named crazy and every night she would shout and scream and sometimes even bite the children.

Ridiculous Nature

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The next thing the historians did was to ask Jesus about this crazy incident and he said that it was an experience that he had once experienced. Therefore, the crazy random fact became a part of Christianity and many Christians believe in it today. In fact, it is not really accepted in most other religions because of its ridiculous nature. Many will simply not believe that a woman would actually bite the children of God. So, it is widely accepted that crazy is a crazy random fact.

One of the craziest stories in the Bible involves a man named Abagas. Abagas was a chief judge in Israel and he had a very tough job because he tried to enforce the laws of the Bible on people. He always used to get into big arguments with the people of Israel, and he often made them mad. He often used to say that the Bible was the written Word of God and the people of Israel needed to listen to him. He often tried to be the king of Israel but eventually his request to become king was rejected by the people. The reason for his rejection was because he was crazy random and therefore, he deserved to be king.

The Story Of Moses


Another crazy incident that took place during the history of the Bible is the story of Moses. You might not think that this is true but the fact is that the Bible never mentioned him being a slave of Pharaoh. This is because according to the Bible, Aaron, the brother of Moses, reached the height of prosperity and fame after becoming a leader in the Israelites. Therefore, many historians have tried to prove that Aaron was not a slave of Pharaoh. There are also many Bibles that mention the time when Jesus went back to Heaven. Many of us think that this is a legend and it is mostly based on the Christian religion.

However, there are a lot of Christians who believe that Jesus returned to Heaven because of a crucifix that he personally witnessed. Some even say that he was buried by a “mailman’s son”. These facts are truly crazy and they are usually taught by some historians. In addition, there are also many Bibles that mention Pontius Pilate. According to the Bible, Pontius Pilate became the first Roman governor of Judea after the death of Tiberius. However, this claim is highly debated among scholars. Pontius Pilate served during the First Century C.E., so he could have been alive during the time of Christ. Furthermore, there are many other historical figures from the early days of the Bible who were considered to be fathered by the Emperor Caesar. Therefore, these two facts are completely unverified.


Of course, these are just a few of the crazy random facts from the history of the Bible. There are many more such as the birth of Jesus, the Crucifixion and so on. It would definitely take a lot of time for anyone to research thoroughly all of the details in the Bible. Therefore, it is better for you not to take things too seriously and enjoy the craziness that is the history of the Bible.

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