Desert Animal Facts- See Some Shocking Animal Facts

Desert Animal Facts

Do you want to know some exciting and mouth-opening desert animal facts? Look no further and see the best desert animal facts here that will generate more interest in these animals.

Small water amounts and extreme heat make the survival of these desert animals insanely difficult. Nonetheless, several animal species can thrive in or have adapted to these too harsh situations or regions.

You will find endless desert animal facts to surprise you, ranging from basic to weird & scientific to amazing ones in this post.

Moreover, you will come to know about these animals survive in the desert biomes. You will also figure out the desert animals’ list present across the globe. These spots are Arabian, Gobi, Kalahari, Mojave, and Sahara deserts.

Desert Animal Facts

A camel standing in front of a mountain
  • For animals that live in deserts have a scientific name as “Xerocole.”
  • Desert Animal Facts Regarding Timing
  • Most of the desert animals are mainly active during the night or at the time of dusk and dawn.
  • Desert creatures are brilliant at getting water. These animals know that the water content in eating plants is the highest during the night, and hence, they wait for this time.
  • Camels can survive without water for six months as they consume water from eating plants during winter.
  • Generally, desert creatures comprise lighter shade sand color. It’s because this shade helps in reflecting the sun rays plus also diminishes the heat absorption.
  • You will find predators scorpions in every desert except colder deserts.
  • Desert animals usually have lesser fat compared to non-desert ones. 

Desert Animal Facts Considering Furry Body

A close up of a camel
  • Several desert animals have thicker fur coats as the fur restrict the heat from entering their body. The fur that is known as thermal windows enables the heat to dissipate from an animal’s body. You will find thermal windows on shaded body areas in general, such as the belly.

Desert Animal Facts Considering Their Habitat

  • To live in, these animals dig deep burrows as these burrows are much more relaxed during summer and warmer at the time of cold, especially at night.
  • Many desert animals, especially rodents, during summers, become inactive to safeguard themselves from immense heat. These desert animals enter into an “estivation,” which is a dormant state of inactiveness. Further, it results in a lesser metabolic state.

Desert Animal Facts About Rodents

  • To protect themselves from the heat, many desert animals, especially rodents, become inactive in the hot summer months. They enter a dormant state called estivation, which results in a lower metabolic rate.
  • A desert mongoose can even kill a cobra.
  • Many desert animals are efficient and fast runners.
  • Many desert animals have special desert living feet. Animals such as addax and camels have more giant feet that allow them to comfortably put their feet on the sand; their feet don’t sink in the sand. Many desert animals have additional fur on their feet’ bottom that acts as their safeguard from the damn hot sand.
  • There living fossil of African Aardvarks for millions of years has not changed.

Conclusion On Desert Animal Facts

By knowing the above interesting desert animal facts, we hope you like this section.

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