Dog Eats Lemon

The Purpose Of Life Is Not Happiness: It’s Usefulness

Dog eats Lemon for the first time and starts behaving in a funny way. Often, dogs are fussy about their food. However, it is not always possible to minutely see what your pet is up to all the time. Sometimes, the creature makes cute little mischief to attract your attention. It is almost similar to a human kid when it comes to naughtiness.

Moreover, it is better to keep sour things away from your dogs. It can have disastrous effects on the poor creature. The taste buds of these animals are different from us. As a result, they react in a weird way when they taste something unfamiliar.

It’s Funny To Watch When A Dog Eats Lemon

If you are keeping a dog as your pet, you must take care of it properly. Anything and everything may not be suitable for its health. You have to very cautious regarding its food habits. However, if accidentally it gets hold of something sour in taste, the result can be hilarious. Your dog can have a lemon. It is really a funny thing to watch its weird activities after tasting the sour fruit.

Moreover, it can like the effect sometimes. The first lick can give it a shocking outcome. But, because of its liking, it carries on to have a second lick. However, every species has distinct characteristics. If a thing is good for one, it can prove to be dangerous for another breed. For example, a golden retrieval can have severe issues after taking such a fruit.

Unfamiliar taste can cause several health hazards, which can hurt your beloved a lot. So before giving the animal anything new, it is better to consult a vet first. Many experts say that citric acid can be poisonous for dogs. Also, we know lemons, lime, etc. are citrus fruits. Hence, it is always advisable to keep your dog away from such fruits. However, many people argue against such statements. According to them, having only some licks does not have any effect on the poor creature. The dogs are intelligent animals and can understand the bad effects of anything poisonous.

Effects On The Dogs

After a dog eats a citrus fruit, it starts to jump here and there and show agitation. Some dogs like the taste and lick again, but some just want to run away from the thing. Moreover, The American Society opines that such fruits are not at all suitable for a dog. Citric acid can cause diarrhea. Also, the dog may not be able to handle the toxic effect and starts vomiting continuously. The unpleasant phenomenon can even make the poor animal go into depression. So, it is highly recommendable not to try such experiments on your beloved pets. They trust you with all their souls. So do not put their poor lives at risk just for fun. The weird movements due to the after-effects of the sour fruit may be very entertaining. However, you cannot imagine the uncomfortable feelings of the dog due to such an act. So, it’s better to avoid such things.

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