DIY Animal Facts Sheet For Kids And Amazing Facts To Add

A baby elephant standing next to a forest

Kids love animals. Remember how excited you felt going to the zoo, or a jungle safari, when you were a kid? And, the popularity of movies like Jurassic Park are glowing examples how much kids love knowing more about animals, both living and extinct ones. So, as parents, what’s better than to create a DIY animal facts sheet for your kids? You can make a complete workbook with various sections that the kids will fill up as they research and learn more about these animals. 

Create Animals Facts Sheet Like Pokedex 

A deer looking at the camera

There is probably not a single person out there who has not heard of Pokemons. And, remember the famous Pokedex that would be like an Encyclopaedia on Pokemons, readily providing information on various types and also recording the unknown facts about them? Well, your animal facts sheet can be made something like that! Here’s what to include in the list: 

Image Section

A fox looking at the camera

Any index starts with an image of the animal. So, keep a black area dedicated for pasting the image. Depending upon the size and format of the fact sheet you may have space for multiple images. 


The name section should not be restricted to the common name of the animal. You must include a place for the scientific name as well. Teach your kids how to find scientific names and they will start learning about the categorizations early on in their life. 

Food And Habitat

This is important information about every species. The type of food they eat, whether they are carnivore or herbivore or omnivore, and what’s their natural habitat. The information will also make your kids more respectful towards nature and environment. They will learn to treat the world around with more love, care and affection. 

Facts About Animals

There are plenty of interesting facts about animals. Urge your kids to find them out and write them down in the animal facts sheet. To make things a little more interesting you can add a few pages at the beginning that will include various interesting facts about animals. These will act as both guide as well as interest building factor for the kids. Here are some facts for you to help you create the fact sheet book. 

Polar Bear Fur Is Not White

Believe it or not, the hairs in the fur of the polar bear are colorless. The skin beneath the fur is black to absorb as much sunlight as possible and keep the bear warm. The white color is because of the reflected light from the thick strands. 

Gorillas Have Unique Nose Prints 

The wrinkles on the nose of the gorilla is unique to it and is used to identify them. Researchers and conservation workers keep sketches and pictures of this pattern to keep track of each gorilla in the wild. 

You Won’t Feel A Vampire Bat Drinking Blood

It seems like vampire bats are quite close to Dracula when it comes to few features. Their teeth are so sharp that the prey won’t even peel the vampire bat’s teeth piercing and the saliva numbs the place further, allowing the bat to continue drinking blood for as long as 30 minutes. 

Now these are some pretty interesting facts! So, go on, create the fact sheet right away! 

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