Facts About Animal Cruelty – Showcasing You With The True Mirror

facts about animal cruelty

Are you peeping out for some facts about animal cruelty? And want others to know them as well!

We registered thousands of cases daily related to animal abuse, that’s why it becomes significant for us to learn various facts about animal cruelty.

However, if you consider statistics, they reveal that most of the pet and animal abuse cases could not bring to the light.

Animal cruelty is a serious issue affecting the entire world, irrespective of economic or social status of the abusive person.

Here, through this guide, we would like to throw some light on one of the serious issues of today’s world, that is – facts about animal cruelty.

List Of Facts About Animal Cruelty

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1. One animal is being abused every 60 seconds.

2. Among 65% of animals who get abused are dogs.

3. More than 10 millions of animals die from getting abused every year in the US alone.

4. From over 10 years in Florida there have been 483 drug-positive Cases among animals.

5. Just for the consumption of humans over 100000 horses are being killed in the US.

6. On an average, over 2,50,000 animals become the victim of animal hoardings every year.

7. In the US, over 10,000 puppy mills are there.

8. Because of the exotic trade of birds, 1/3 species of parrot could become extinct.

9. For experiments in the laboratory, over 115 million of animals are being used yearly.

10. Around 97% of farm animals are amongst the most killed and abused animals.

11. Around 71% of people who get reported for domestic violence, abuse their pets too.

12. Today, 88% families who are under child abuse investigation are also being reported for cruelty to animals.

13. Children are 5 times more likely to become animal abusers, if they are being abused sexually.

14. Over 6.5 million animals take the animal shelters every year.

15. The United States kills over 3 million mink just for fur every year.

16. Around 75,000 dogs are being tortured every year in US labs.

17. 19,000 cats are also abused in the US labs every year.

18. Denmark has slaughtered around 15-17 million animals for mink fur that were found COVID-19 positive.

19. According to statistics, every year, over 9 billion chickens are killed.

20. Over 100 million of sharks are being killed illegally every year, just to make fin soup from sharks.

21. Around 75% of pet snakes, turtles, tortoises, and lizards die within one year after becoming the pet of someone.

22. Around 75% of aquariums and zoos break the rules of basic mistreatment

23. Animals in the circus spend around 96% of their lives in large cages.

24. They take away piglets from their mothers when piglets are only 10 days old after their birth.

25. Around 10,000 bulls die in bullfighting every year.

Conclusion On Facts About Animal Cruelty

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We all are not aware of these facts about animal cruelty.

Thus we urge you all to register a legal complaint against a person whom you find as an animal abuser, as this is an offensive crime and illegal.

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