Weird Facts About The Human Body That Will Amaze You

The human body structure is complex. There are always some new facts to discover the complex structure of the human. Scientists around the world are continuously studying the complex structure since ages. Many fantastic, as well as weird facts, have been discovered yet. It is the first thing people concerned about post-self-awareness.

It takes many years of research to study how a single cell converts into a complete human being. It is astonishing to find out the functionality of the human body.

The Brain Can’t Feel The Pain

Facts About The Human Body That Will Amaze You
Facts About The Human Body That Will Amaze You

The mind of human being receives and process sensory input like smell, taste, touch, and vision. The brain has no pain receptor. It can process different emotions, but can’t feel the painful feeling, the sensory input for pain. If you feel pain in any part of the body, you feel hurt because of the outer membrane of the body.

Hydrochloric Acid Secreted In The Stomach Can Dissolve A Razor Blade

The stomach in the human body digests food. Gastric acid is secreted from the stomach to digest the food. The gastric acid is hydrochloric acid that activates digestive enzymes and kills bacteria in the stomach. It is true that the gastric acid can dissolve a razor blade in 24 hours. The pH of the gastric acid ranges from 1.5 to 3.5. Hydrochloric acid is a powerful acid released from the human body.

The Differently Structured Tear Comes From Various Emotions

Facts About The Human Body That Will Amaze You
Facts About The Human Body That Will Amaze You

It is one of the interesting as well as weird facts about the human body. The tears shed from human eyes are of different structures. The microscopic structure of tear for varied emotions is mixed. The tears of grief differ from tears of onion. That means emotional stress affects the structure of human tears.

The Human Brain Takes 13 Milliseconds To Perceive An Image

The human mind receives and processes the senses. On seeing any object eyes process message to the brain, then the brain perceives the image. It takes 13-80 milliseconds for the process. That means people always live in the past. You understand the picture of the situation after a few seconds of its occurrence. It is one of many weird facts, but true.

The Brain Can Filter Sensory Information

Sometimes, you have seen something, and your eyes can see those things, but the brain ignores the fact. The brain filters many sensory details that are irrelevant. Now, to prevent overload in cortical centers, the brain filters excess sensory information. The sensory information like blinking, swallowing, and breathing doesn’t need any sensory input. 

Liver Can Regenerate

The liver is the only internal organ in the human body that can regenerate. It is evident that 25 percent of the liver is enough to generate a new liver in the human body. So, if some parts of the liver are damaged, it can regenerate with another part.

There are a lot of amazing and weird facts associated with the human body that astonished humanity from decades. The effects enable scientists to carry forward the research.

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