Finding Out Some Weird and Funny Facts

weird and interesting facts

There are lots of interesting facts about the world that we have often wondered or simply wondered about. Such as, what is the meaning behind all those flags you see on buildings and other places? Or, what is the purpose of all those stars in the sky and what does it mean when people say that they are moving towards the Constellations? Well, read on if you would like to learn more about some of these questions.

The Universe Is Expanding

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One of the most famous and interesting facts about the universe is the fact that it is expanding. There is a slight lag time before the expansion of the universe takes place. The moment that it starts to expand, you will observe that there are stars in the universe. And when this process is over, we will observe that there were many stars in the universe when it was still small. So, you might want to understand why this is so interesting.

Big Bang Theory

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Another interesting fact is the Big Bang theory. This is also known as the theory of evolution. It is based on the idea that our universe was created in less than a fraction of a second. This gives a sense of why it is so incredibly fast and why it is so incredibly big. Now, while this can be considered a fact, it is still up for interpretation and there are many who still find problems with it.

The Time

What about time? It is said that it started off with a bang, but what actually happened is that it didn’t stop. It just went on. Now, this is a good fact to consider especially if you are a fan of astronomy. It is not possible for all the stars in the universe to have formed at exactly the same time.

Theory Of Life In Mars

Perhaps one of the most fascinating and strange facts is that it is impossible for life to exist on Mars. There are some experts who believe that life did exist on Mars long ago and survived thanks to low pressure. However, another group of scientists suggest that there are no such microbes there. If you think about it, there are billions of microbes on Mars today, so this is definitely an interesting fact to know.

Bermuda Grass

What about Bermuda grass? There is actually a fact that this grass grows only in one specific place on Bermuda island. The interesting part is that it is actually rare grass, which is very common. It can only be found on that one spot in the sea.

Self Claiming Of Being Stupid

Who came up with the saying “I’m stupid”? This is a popular line spoken by many. However, the actual origin of this saying is not exactly known. One theory says that it came from a man named Timothy Geithner. He supposedly said that he was stupid when he tried to say the word dumb during an experiment.


Are you fond of bears? Do you like watching wildlife on television? You don’t have to search too far. The Internet can help you find out more about those creatures. In fact, there are many National Parks dedicated to maintaining different species of wildlife.


How about magnets? Magnets are still considered to be quite an amazing discovery. A lot of people have heard about them. However, there are many people who still don’t understand how magnets work.

Death Records

How about death records? If you are researching a particular person, you might find this interesting fact. Death records have been around for a long time. They are maintained by the different states in America.

Chinese History

How about ancient Chinese history? China is one of the most famous countries in the world. Many individuals from all over the world spend a lot of time researching the history of the Chinese. There are many books available to read about this fascinating fact.

Wrapping Up

What are the many other interesting facts that you may want to learn? Actually, there are many. All you need to do is to spend some time online. There are many websites that contain a lot of information about certain topics.

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