Fox Animal Facts That Will Leave You Surprised

Fox Animal Facts

Meta Description: Fox are amazing animals. They are also quite mysterious. If you want to know some more fox animal facts, then read below.

Foxes are mysterious and strange creatures. Scientists have always been intrigued by these animals. We have listed some amazing fox animal facts here for your knowledge.

Fox Animal Facts

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Foxes are actually members of the dog family with some genetic differences. A female fox is commonly known as a vixen and a male fox is called a tod or a dog fox. Their kids are called pups or kits or even cubs. A group of fox animals are known as a ‘leash’ or a ‘skulk’.

Although they are members of the dog family, they have the capacity to retract their claws just like cats. They also have vertical pupils, which makes them look more like cats. Dogs have rounded pupils.

There are many different sub-species of foxes. They are also known as wild dogs. They are found everywhere in the mountains, grasslands, forests, cities or countryside. Foxes living in the cold climates in the far north are known as the Artic foxes and those living in the African deserts are called fennec foxes.

Foxes are not able to see, hear or walk when they are just born. Their mothers take good care of them until they develop their senses. The mother takes care, while the father fox hunts and brings food for the family.

Fox hunting is a popular but very cruel sport still rampant today. There was a law passed in 2004 in England and Wales to ban fox hunting. In this sport, hunters would ride horses followed by a large group of dogs to pursue an exhausted fox and then eventually rip it apart. Fox hunting with dogs is still prevalent and legal in forests of Ireland, Australia and North America.

These creatures eat anything from berries, spiders, worms, birds and rats. They even eat the rubbish people dispose in big cities. They have a tendency to hide their extra food in small holes and eat it later.

They have lovely fur and hence the humans hunt foxes or breed them to get their fur. 85% of the fur humans use comes from the fox skins. These animals are reared and bred in fur factories, where they are encaged. These animals are killed by anal electrocution so that they furs are kept intact even after they die.

Grey foxes are the only kinds of foxes that can climb trees. These are only found in North America.

A fox’s home is called a den. These dens can be a small hole in the ground or even a small place like a garden shed. Hunters often send dogs to scare foxes out of their holes after which they hunt them.

These creatures are very intelligent, caring, adaptable and have human-like parental instincts.

These are some amazing fox animal facts you must know about if you are interested in these wild animals.

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