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fun facts about animal kingdom

There are many out there, and here are a few to get you started. Did you know that dolphins are the only creatures in the animal kingdom that can be both completely underwater and above water at the same time? In fact, they can even live in both places at the same time if they need to! This is one of the most amazing and fascinating things that has been learned about dolphins.

What Else About Dolphins Do You Not Know?

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These creatures can be trained to do various things, and are able to communicate with people just like other animals. Some of the dolphins are even able to mimic what people are saying, and this is an amazing piece of information that has been unraveled thanks to dolphins’ ability to communicate and mimic.

Did you know that dolphins can memorize? Not only do dolphins memorize, but they can remember things for a long time. Unlike most animals, dolphins have the ability to remember things that happened many years ago, even when the event or words don’t seem like they hold any meaning for them. One dolphin named tagged “Tondo” is able to remember his own name, and even shows signs of recognition with people who do it for him! It is thought that this ability comes from the dolphin’s memory bank, where he is able to remember previous addresses and names of people in an effort to try and remember the people who took care of him as a baby.

Do Dolphins Dream?

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Well, some people have said that they do, but the evidence doesn’t point to this being the case. The fact remains that dolphin’s sleep, and while they do dream, it is generally only in their dreams. Most dreams a dolphin has been generally peaceful and quiet. However, some dolphins will start to dream about things such as moving to another part of the ocean, seeing new fish, etc…

Where does a Dolphin go when it gets tired? Believe it or not, dolphins sleep on land. This is because most of them are land animals. When their body needs to rest, it resorts to doing so on land, which is why they sleep so much. If a Dolphin wants to get back to the water, it will do so when it is tired.

Did you know that humans once using wild animals for transportation? Believe it or not, you might have once traveled by elephant or horseback! These animals are quite capable of travelling long distances, even across continents.

Do Dolphins Have Vocal Cords?

Yes, dolphins do have vocal cords, though it is much smaller than those of most other animals. Unlike cats or dogs, dolphins cannot produce barking or whining sounds. In fact, dolphins are only able to do these noises under certain circumstances.


The last fact about dolphin’s might be the strangest one of all. People do not see a Dolphin in the wild, but many movies and commercials have showed people swimming with Dolphins. However, these people must be very strong as Dolphin will pull them down if they try to move too quickly. To get a picture of a Dolphin breathing underwater, just look at any of the popular movies such as Dolphin Tale. If you think these cute little animals are only found in movies, then you need to learn more facts about these fascinating animals.

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