Fun Facts About Animals That You Should Grasp

fun facts about animals

Are you in love with the animal kingdom? Do you love to watch the National Geographic channel whenever you get some leisure time? If you want to know even more fun facts about animals, you can start with the domestic animals themselves. Some of the facts are going to boggle your mind, while others will surprise you. First, we will talk about some details about our furry friend. 

Facts About Dogs That You Did Not Know

A dog looking at the camera

Did you know that dalmatians do not have spots when they are born? When you check out the Dalmatian puppies, you will see that there is a white coat of fur. The first spots will appear after they are at least a week old. The dogs feel a lot of heat, and they sweat out through their footpads. You might not know this, but each and every dog has a distinct nose print, just like humans have a unique fingerprint. There is an African wolf-dog that does not work when they are happy and excited. It’s that you will be able to hear them screaming. The sense of smell of a dog is about 1000 times better than that of a human. Last but not least, dogs have about 28 baby teeth and a set of 42 permanent teeth. 

Surprising Facts About Cats

A cat that is lying down and looking at the camera

The first fundamental fact that you should know is that cats have as many as 32 muscles in every ear. And as many might not know, that does not have a collar bone. Now you know why cats are so flexible, and they can get through narrow spaces. In addition to that, you should know that the jaws of a cat cannot move in a sideways direction. Also, cats have a set of 26 milk teeth and as many as 30 permanent teeth. 

Other Animal Facts To Check Out

  • Have you ever seen a flea jump? You might not know this, but they can jump about 350 times of their entire body length. 
  • Hummingbirds are not only the fastest when it comes to flapping wings. It is because of the fast flapping that it becomes the only bird to be able to fly backward. 
  • The number of crocodiles has been created in a way so that their tongue gets stuck inside. Therefore they will not be able to put their tongue out no matter how much they try. 
  • Have you ever heard of a fish having a little memory? Starfish do not have a brain at all, as compared to other kinds of fish. 
  • Do you think that the polar bear has white skin as compared to the white fur? As Silly as it might sound, the skin of the polar bear is entirely black. 
  • Did you know that bats are the only mammals that can fly? 
  • The size of a newborn Kangaroo is just like a small lima bean. The size that you regularly see on National Geographic is after they have grown a bit. 


These are some of the fun facts about animals that you should know. The next time you watch National geographic, you will be able to watch the animals with a new perspective.

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