Fun Facts About Space that you Must Know

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If you have ever been intrigued about stars, then here we bring you some very amazing stars and space facts that will surprise you. These facts are derived by astronomers or scientists who take years to study these in detail and bring you some really interesting and fun facts about space.

Astronauts who have gone to the moon and come back have given us some very surprising facts about stars in space. As per what they saw while on the moon, the stars are not visible from outer space. They can only be seen on Earth when someone looks at the Earth from the Earth’s orbit. This is the only reason why the line of sight to the stars first passes through the upper atmosphere of the Earth. Actually, it is the earth’s atmosphere that makes it possible for you to view the stars.

Stars in Space – Real Shape

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The real shape of stars appears quite different than what we can see. They have a solid or rocky surface, just like that of the Earth. They are actually fiery balls of gas that are hot and are mainly made from helium and hydrogen. They are actually spherical in shape, but actually do not appear so. They are just pinpoints of light and so, it is difficult to assess their actual shape. Even if you see them via a telescope, you will see only a fluttering light. Actually, what you see is just a bright star, through which light reflects and does not get scattered.

Are Stars Spherical?

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Stars, when seen closely are not spherical in shape. They are actually oblate. This is because there is a difference in the rotational velocity that occurs because of the difference in the centrifugal force in the equator and poles. It is lot more at the equator than at the poles. This more force at the equator actually pushes the stars outwards, which results in the star looking like it is oblate in shape. This great velocity in the center and in the areas close to the poles also looks very bright and hot than at the equator. 

Why Do Stars In Space Up Close Appear Twinkling?

When light from the stars or the starlight passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, it is refracted by the different temperatures and density layers in our atmosphere and hence it appears to be twinkling. The starlight actually travels through a zig-zag path before it reaches our eyes and would travel straight to our eyes if the Earth did not have an atmosphere. The reason for the pointy star shape is that every one’s eyeball is slightly imperfect at the back. This also means that every individual sees stars a little differently. 

These are some amazing fun facts about space and stars you must know about.

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