Fun Facts Of The Day That Will Keep You Entertained

Are you looking to learn something new today? Look no further! Get comfortable, pull up a chair, grab something to drink and enjoy learning these fun facts of the day.

It’s Illegal To Own Only One Guinea Pig In Switzerland

Yes, you heard it right. It’s a fun fact of the day. You can go to jail for owning one guinea pig. However, it’s legal to own more than one Guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are social animals. It’s abuse when they are kept alone. This is the reason why it’s illegal to own a single Guinea pig.

Dunce Caps Were Initially A Sign Of Intelligence

In the thirteenth century, John Duns Scotus was the most influential philosopher. He believed that a pointed cap would help him empower his knowledge. He believed that the cap could spread knowledge from its tip to the brain. His followers started wearing the caps as a sign of honor.

However, in the 15th century, the idea lost its popularity. The idea became a joke.

Adolf Hitler Was Nominated To Contest For A Nobel Peace Price

You are wondering, is it a joke? Yes, Adolf Hitler was in the list for a Nobel Price competition. Hitler was a German dictator. His nomination could only be a joke. At least he did not win. It’s one of our fun facts of the day.

A Swedish politician nominated Hitler. The politician sent a letter of nomination which was ironical. He further went ahead and withdrew the nomination after intensified criticism from fellow politicians.

Initially, Hitler had banned Germans from receiving such awards. The ban was effective four years before his name was nominated. This meant that someone could go to jail if they won a peace price.

Snakes Has The Longest Digestion Period

It takes up to one week for a snake to digest its last meals. Bigger snakes can digest their food for over two weeks.

Snakes like anaconda are large and need more time. An anaconda can weigh up to 595 pounds. It can stretch up to 30 feet. An anaconda can swallow full-grown jaguar. This means it would take more time for a full jaguar to digest inside the stomach of the anaconda.

A flock Of Crows Is Called Murder

Fun Facts Of The Day That Will Keep You Entertained
Fun Facts Of The Day That Will Keep You Entertained

This could be the reason no one is keeping crows as pets. Some could say keeping crows is a murder attempt. And you could be prosecuted for that. That’s a joke.

It’s among our fun facts of the day. Crow celebrate in the death of other animals. They are quick to notice death and move swiftly to feast. This behavior is the reason a group of crows is called murder.

Cherophobia Is Fear Of Happiness And Fun

Cherophobia is an aversion to happiness. An individual develops an attitude towards fun activities and happiness. People with Cherophobia avoid all events that would trigger positive emotions.

This is a phobia I wouldn’t wish anyone to have. It would mean someone would fear reading these fun facts.

The fear is brought about by the possibilities of negative events happening after fun activities. The negative events feel like a punishment to the individuals.

In conclusion, fun facts could appear as a joke. From the pointed caps to Hitler nomination to Peace Nobel Price, the fun facts of the day will keep you entertained. You can only avoid the fun facts when you are afraid of fun.  

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