Fun Facts Of The Day To Open Up Your Mind

Fun facts of the day can be entertaining and also educative. This article brings you the top fun facts of the day that will open up your mind.

Wind Is Silent

We always hear the wind blowing.

The fun fact is that wind only makes a sound when it blows against an object. The friction process releases sound on an object when the wind is moving at high speed. Strong friction between the object and the wind produces a swooshing or whistling sound.

Higher speed wind blows through the leaves and stems of trees. They bump on each other creating a whistling sound.

Cows Produce Much Milk When Listening To Music

Fun Facts Of The Day To Open Up Your Mind
Fun Facts Of The Day To Open Up Your Mind

Now you know what to do if you want your cows to produce more milk. You might not realize it, but animals get stressed. Music relieves stress on any animal.

Cows release oxytocin easily when listening to music. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for the production of milk.

Elephants Communicate In Sound Waves

Every animal communicates with a language that is understood by fellow animals. Elephants communicate with one another by very low sound frequency. The frequency is below human hearing.

The elephant sounds like a human singing. Large Larynx in Elephants transforms the sound to a low frequency.

New Born Puppies Can’t See Or Hear

Puppies can’t hear or see in their first fourteen days. However, they make puppy noises. At birth, puppies cannot see anything. However, at birth puppies can hear a little bit.

Melophobia Is The Fear Of Music

People fear different things. Fear of music is one among the many phobias within humans. People who have Melophobia completely avoid music.

It’s a general understanding that Melophobia comes from a combination of internal predispositions and traumatic events. The fear of music in an individual is a result of an adverse event that followed after listening to music at an early age.  

Music is a healing therapy for most of the traumas. However, music cannot be used to relieve the pain of Melophobia.

In most cases, melophobia people have a fear of a specific genre of music.

Acousticophobia Is The Fear Of Noises

Some people fear any sound. People with this kind of phobia fear a specific sound.  Major noises that are feared include guns, yelling, whistling, and crying. The name of the fear is from two words; phobia and acoustic. Phobia means fear and acoustic meaning hear.

Lion Cabs Don’t Roar

Fun Facts Of The Day To Open Up Your Mind
Fun Facts Of The Day To Open Up Your Mind

A lion cab spends the first two years with its parents. Below two years, the cabs vocals are undeveloped. It spends its time learning how to hunt prey. From the age of two years, the cab starts learning how to roar. By the time the lion is three years, it can roar like a grown lion.

The final fact of the day concern yourself. Do you know all humans crave to learn something new? I hope the fun facts of the day in this article have taught you new things. Feel free to share the wisdom with your friends.

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