Funniest Animals You Are Yet To Discover!

Funniest Animals You Are Yet To Discover!

Which animal pops up first in your head when you think of funniest animals? My best guess? Raccoons! Obviously. They are furry, chubby and cute. And let’s not forget very intelligent and prompt creatures. They have the cutest face. With a tiny snout and little round eyes. Best part being, the black patch around their eyes making them look all the more nocturnal. Why are they absolutely hilarious?

They are:   

  • Unpredictable
  • Smart
  • Mischievous

You never know when they would suddenly break into a frenzy. Eat up all your food. Pick up a fight with your other pets. While on the other days they are completely calm. And become your best companion to laze around with! And for years now they’ve been internet’s favorite animal compilations of all time!

This shifts our attention to some wonderful animals, who are yet to share the spotlight with our beloved funny animal, The Raccoon.

The Great Australian Wombat

Funniest Animals You Are Yet To Discover!
Funniest Animals You Are Yet To Discover!

You may say Wombats resemble a guinea pig. Only larger. They are marsupials that are native to Australia. They are absolutely lovable. Being stumpy and short-legged. Now, what makes them funny and oh so adorable?

  • They appear slow but are quite the speedster. Wombats can run as fast as 28 miles an hour. Pretty darn fast for their stumpy size!
  • They are quite the diggers! Their barrel-shaped bodies are perfect for digging. With flat long claws, they can dig quite deep within minutes!
  • Being an essential of the marsupial family they have teeth like rodents. They are sharp and can tear into most materials.
  • The most interesting part of a wombat is where they carry their offspring. They have a backward shaped pouch. They use it to protect their infants and carry them around like a miniature kangaroo!
  • Fun fact! Their poop is in the shape of tiny little cubes! And if you’re wondering, that is how they mark their territories.
  • They are not as feeble as they look! They protect their territories like every other mammal. Irrespective of their size and lumpy shape. And how cute they are they seem quite defensive!
  • Today’s Wombats are a descendant of a giant Australian Wombat. They were as big as a Rhino. Who mostly existed in the ice age.

African Pygmy Mouse

Funniest Animals You Are Yet To Discover!
Funniest Animals You Are Yet To Discover!

They are the tiniest part of the Rodent Family. Pygmy mice are a native to African Saharan region. They are wonderful as pets. Small and feisty. With a body of 7 centimeters and a long tail. They are quite the climbers! They are adorable reddish-white in color. They are quite social animals. Who mainly prefer living in groups and colonies. Being tiny doesn’t stop them from maturing their sexuality by 6 weeks time! Which explains how they breed so darn fast? They are the cutest of all rodent family. How wonderful it is to have your own Repechiep without having to live in the Magical Lands of Narnia!

Makes you wonder why these adorable little creatures haven’t swept your mind, doesn’t it?

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