How The Earth Can Be A Lens For A Revolutionary Space Telescope


You must have heard the news about Europe’s research to develop the best space telescope. It will be the largest in the entire world. The device comes with a mirror that is 40 meters across. However, there are quite a few challenges ahead. Some other astronomers are out there creating something even better than this. Yes, it is quite a feat. Hence, the earth is going to act as a natural lens that will direct the attention to the light. The earth’s atmosphere is suitable to focus on smaller objects in space.

How The Earth Can Be a Lens for a Revolutionary Space Telescope
How The Earth Can Be a Lens for a Revolutionary Space Telescope

Know More About Space Telescope

You should know more about the device. It is an instrument that is located in outer space and is used to observe planets, milky ways, galaxies, and other astronomical entities. They can avoid the filtering of UV rays and gamma rays, and they are very different from satellites. However, they are much more expensive.

How Can This Help Us?

You should learn about the mechanism of the telescope. They hover above the earth’s surface and thus can see space better than other normal ones. Moreover, it uses radio waves to send pictures through the air, back to the earth. Electromagnetic waves cause the telescopes located on earth to stop filtration. Out in space, there is no atmosphere and light pollution. So, the light enters the device through a small opening, and it bounces off the main mirror. After that, the light ray enters the secondary mirror. Then, it is followed by the secondary mirror that reflects the light through a small hole, in the center of the main mirror, to a focal point.

How The Earth Can Be a Lens for a Revolutionary Space Telescope
How The Earth Can Be a Lens for a Revolutionary Space Telescope

The path of light is W-shaped at that junction. The smaller mirrors tend to distribute the incoming light towards the scientific instruments. This is the entire mechanism. These mirrors are made of glass coated with layers of aluminum as well as magnesium fluoride.

The Best Space Telescope

The telescope, which we have heard of quite often, is the Hubble. It has been rotating over the earth for almost 19 years. Furthermore, it’s the first one from NASA’s stable. The Hubble has enlightened us about the stars, black holes, and galaxies. However, there are other telescopes like the ChandraX-ray, which is one of NASA’s great observatories. It is also the world’s most powerful. It teamed up many times with Hubble to take some complicated images of galaxies and other cosmic entities. So, for high defined experience, you can opt for a Monocular Space Astronomical Telescope With Portable Tripod

How The Earth Can Be a Lens for a Revolutionary Space Telescope

Types Of Space Telescope

SpitzerSpaceTelescope gathers infrared radiation, which emanates from cosmic objects. It helps us all to see light. Herschel Space is said to be the most powerful infrared device. Technology is making great strides in the field of astronomy. Hence, these are the best options to capture spatial images. However, there are a few cons as well. You should know them as well. They are much more expensive than ground-based telescopes. Fixing and up-gradation can be pretty difficult. Furthermore, if they break down by mistake, they cannot gain their previous form. But for now, you can be happy to watch the images. The universe is now visible in all wavelengths, and you can learn about its dark secrets.