The Average Human Facts You Must Know

The Average Human Facts You Must Know

Humans are full of mystery and wonder. They are the best creations of the Almighty. While humans have decoded the mechanisms and functioning of other living beings, such as plants and animals, they are still discovering complex facts about the human body. There are still many facets of humans yet to be discovered. Here we have compiled some of the average human facts that are too interesting.

The Average Human Facts You Must Know
The Average Human Facts You Must Know

Average Human Facts To Know

These facts are about the human body. There are still many diseases and conditions in a human body that doctors and scientists are trying to figure out. But certain truths about the average human body are common to all.

  • Goosebumps evolved on the human body since prehistoric times. Their main cause was to make them appear frightening to predators.
  • The genes of all human beings are 99 percent identical.
  • The fingernails on your body stop growing once the person is dead.
  • The human tongue is made up of eight muscles interwoven together. These are similar in structure to an elephant’s trunk.
  • It is still not clear why human beings yawn. They believe it helps to regulate body temperature.
  • The fastest muscles in the human body are the extraocular muscles of the eyes that allow both eyes to flick in the same direction in a millisecond.
  • The most ticklish part of the human body is the foot.
  • We are the only bodies on the planet with chins.
  • The human nose can notice around 1 trillion smells.
  • There is hair growing inside the belly button only to catch lint.
  • The sound you get when you crack your knuckles is actually coming from the gas bubbles that burst in your joints.
  • The nostrils take turns in breathing in and out. Most of the air goes out and in only one nostril and then the workload shifts to the other.
  • Thumbs have a different pulse.

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  • When you brush your teeth too aggressively, you can wear down the enamel on your teeth and make it sensitive to hot and cold food. Our teeth have a protective enamel coating that makes them insensitive to the temperature of the food.
  • The largest organ of the human body is skin. It makes up 15 percent of the total body weight of the human body.
  • A surgical procedure known as selective amygdalohippocampectomy removes a major portion of the brain’s amygdala. It also removes the patient’s sense of fear.
  • Blushing occurs as a result of the rush of adrenaline in the body.
  • The human hair grows at a rate of 6 inches per year. This is second fasted to the bone marrow.
  • 8% of the total body weight is made up of blood.
  • Melatonin secreted by the pineal gland gets its name from its shape resembling a pine nut.
The Average Human Facts You Must Know
The Average Human Facts You Must Know
  • The human body needs only one kidney to survive.
  • There is no purpose of the wisdom teeth. They initially evolved in the human body of the primitive man. But today, they are just left overs and have no actual use. As the brains of human beings got bigger in size, the space of the mouth reduced and this resulted in crowding the third set of molars known as the wisdom teeth.
  • If laid end to end, all the blood vessels in a human body can encircle the Earth four times.

These are some average human facts you should know.

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