Interesting Buffalo Animal Facts That You Have Never Heard Before

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The American bison or just simply bison, also known as the American bison or just buffalo, is a large North American carnivore that once roamed in wide herds throughout North America. Their range was so vast that they rarely if ever experienced winter and because of this fact their metabolism stayed high even when the temperatures dipped. They have short torsos and are quite stocky, which makes them excellent hunters. They are a species that prefers to live in areas with thick cover and where they can hunt during the day and at night after dark.

Interesting Buffalo Animal Facts

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Buffalo is also a species of big game animals. They can grow to two meters long, weigh about one hundred fifty pounds and have horns that can weigh up to three feet long. The most distinctive feature of the bison is that their tusks are located behind their upper lips and their tongues are also located behind their upper lips. These features make them easily recognized among other animals.

The American bison is the largest predator of livestock in the state of Wyoming. They can kill one cow in one day and up to five in one week. Their speed and strength are one of the reasons why their meat is prized by those who enjoy a good steak. Some people consider buffalo the most delicious meat on the planet.

The fact that the bisons’ diet consists mostly of small mammals and hooves makes them vulnerable to being over-harvested. The buffalo population in the Yellowstone National Park is fast decreasing and this is due to the fact that farmers over-harvest the animals. Another cause is that diseases that are caused by ticks and other disease-bearing animals are also killing the bison. Fortunately, many nature lovers are working hard to save the bison.

The world of buffalo is far from being a dry and cold desert. Yes, it’s true that the buffalo tend to live in areas where there is enough water but there is also a lot of sun. So this means that they can survive even during the winter. This means that bisons’ natural habitat in North America doesn’t seem to be in jeopardy too much.

Few Diseases That Can Affect The Bisons 

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There are a few diseases that can affect the bisons such as Colorado Sickle Cell Disease (CSD). Although not fatal, CSD can really wreak havoc on the health of the animal. The affected cells will swell up and create what is known as lumps. These lumps can block the blood flow to these affected areas and the result is death. Luckily, the disease only affects adult buffalo.

It is also important to note that although the bisons’ lifespan is long, that doesn’t mean that you can raise them without putting your lives at risk. You have to remember that they are strong animals and can hurt humans. And they also have the tendency to fight each other when they fight. This means that if two of them fight, then one of them could possibly die. Therefore, before you raise bison, you need to make sure that you are their natural environment. If you want to be assured, then you can also buy bison from a reputable breeder.

Buffalo Are Really Neat And Fun To Watch

Of course, that would all depend on how you raise them. So if you want to show off your amazing bisons, then you should definitely consider raising them. And since buffalo are known to be resilient animals, you can be sure that they will stay in good health after they grow up.

There are many advantages in raising buffalo. One of which is their strength. Aside from being very strong, the fact that they are fast and can move fast is another great advantage. You don’t have to worry about having a slow-moving animal like the common bison. In fact, you can already let them run with the wind and easily catch the attention of the crowds in your arena.

Another advantage is their diet. Although most bisons eat grass, some eat small animals, bugs, worms and even insects. But no matter what kind of diet they have, these animals will always provide you with an excellent result. Their milk is also a source of nourishment and is very helpful in ensuring the growth of your herd. But because buffalo have a high-level of metabolism, it will take a lot of time for them to regrow. For this reason, it is essential to feed them with natural grass during their molting season.

Final Thoughts

If raised in the wild, buffalo will be able to give you thousands of years of their lifespan. So if ever you are planning to own one, there’s no better option than bison. And for sure, you will get more than what you’ve spent on the animal alone. Just make sure that you already know everything about bisons so you’ll be able to provide them the best care possible.

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